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This interactive Certified Agile Leadership® training in Cologne is your first step on the way to becoming a successful agile leader! In this seminar, your leadership trainer Sohrab Salimi (Certified Agile Leadership Educator®) will get you ready for the start of your own development and equip you with all the important tools and techniques. Read more about Sohrab Salimi as a trainer and his coaching style here.

In our 2-day Leadership Training in Cologne, you will learn through practical examples and exercises what it means to be a true Agile Leader and how to successfully start your development there. You learn:

  • Identify your previous leadership patterns and beliefs,
  • Reflect on your habitual ways of thinking and reacting and, if necessary, leave them behind,
  • embody the agile values and
  • develop your employees, yourself and your company.

Still unsure if the course is right for you? At our free info evening Agile Leadership in 2 hours, Leadership Trainer Sohrab Salimi presents the topic in detail.

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Get all three Agile Leadership certificates in one training.


Course Details of the Certified Agile Leadership Training by Sohrab Salimi

In our 2-day interactive Certified Agile Leadership training, you will take on the challenge of improving your awareness and competencies as a leader - always with your agility in mind.

In the course, you will gain the ability to effectively support your employees, yourself and other agile leaders in working successfully and happily in today's mostly complex and uncertain work environments (VUCA)

The Leadership Seminar is designed for your 2-day active participation and includes the following elements:

  • foundations of Agile Leadership
  • hands-on exercieses to be able to immediately apply what you have learned
  • multimedia presented knowledge with facts, figures and historical context
  • moderated group discussions for cross-industry exchange
  • live visualization including photo documentation for after the course
  • script and learning materials to take home

Agenda for the Certified Agile Leadership Training with Sohrab Salimi

During the two days you will gain insight into the three sub-areas of agile employee leadership. These are the so-called Certified Agile Leadership - Essentials (CAL-E), and the prerequisites you need to accompany teams (CAL-T) and entire organizations (CAL-O) on the path of agile transformation as a leader.

Day 1: The Agile Leader (9AM - 5:30PM)

On day one, we first look at Agile Leadership Essentials (CAL-E) and the historical context of leadership: How have people and leadership styles evolved over the last century? Why has the urgent need for agility arisen in today's economy?

Finally, we'll explore Bill Joiner's Leadership Agility Model, which will help you self-assess as a leader and learn about agile thinking patterns and decision-making capabilities:

Discover the mindset and behaviors of the different leadership types Expert, Achiever and Catalyst Leader and classify yourself. Learn how each type affects the effectiveness of your organization and how you can develop from one level to the next.

In the training, you'll learn the 5-Step Catalyst Conversation, which you can use to positively impact every aspect of your work - and even your personal life. In the process, you'll also learn to balance your power styles and systematically identify win-win opportunities in conflict situations.

Learning content focused on the agile context:

  • Economic and market factors that have led to agile approaches
  • Complexity and uncertainty of modern markets and work and the related need for an agile approach
  • Historical management trends and their adaptation to the particular business environments of their time
  • Increasing employee engagement and focus on the customer to improve results and satisfaction

Learning content focused on Agile Leadership für Teams (CAL-T):

  • What self-awareness of a leader and what leadership mentality is needed to lead effectively in an agile context?
  • Neuroscience leadership in alignment with agile mindsets and improving leadership effectiveness
  • Gathering and incorporating feedback that helps you adjust your leadership behaviors
  • Catalyst Conversations and Coaching, through which you as a leader can integrate alternative perspectives, engage employees, and improve results

Day 2: Running an Agile Company (9AM - 5:30PM)

The second day of the seminar is about refocusing you as a leader on your business and its mission to create customer value. This is the third strand, Certified Agile Leadership - Organizations (CAL-O).

Today you have the opportunity to reflect on the culture, structures and processes in your organization to foster value and agility within it. Understanding the impact your focus as a leader has on the health, culture, and long-term performance of your organization is one of your goals for this seminar day.

Together we will take a close look at case studies of organizations from different corporate cultures. These companies are already using agile structures and patterns and are sustainably driving change with positive results.

Finally, we will look at case studies of organizations from different corporate cultures.

Finally, we will look together at various approaches to transforming companies and work out what needs to be considered in transformations.

Finally, we will learn Salesforce's Organizational Change Model (V2MOM), which will help you develop the healthy and sustainable change your business needs.

Enterprise-focused learning content:

  • Organizational challenges and solutions when applying Agile principles to more than one team in your organization
  • Increasing safety, trust, and collaboration within and across teams to improve outcomes
  • Organizational cultures, structures, and rules and how they hinder or enhance agility
  • Case studies of organizations that are effectively using Agile to sustainably improve results

Learning content with a focus on change:

  • Organizations as complex adaptive systems where uncertainty exists and change is pervasive
  • Organizational metrics (measures of success) that support or inhibit agility and promote appropriate outcomes
  • Identify and reduce bottlenecks, obstacles, and friction within your own organization
  • Drive change in an adaptive, engaging, and healthy way to foster a culture of growth

Who is this training for?

Whether you're managing projects, programs, people, teams, departments, or an entire company: The Art of Agile Leadership is useful at all levels to manage people and resources more effectively.

The Certified Agile Leadership Training® is designed for:

  • executives (top and middle management)
  • coaches
  • organizational developers
  • all those who want to accompany their company on the journey to more agility

The group size with us: max. 20 participants

This course is perfect for you if …

  • you like to be actively involved and work out solutions rather than being told
  • you value cross-industry exchange
  • you are motivated to take the first important step on your personal Agile Leadership Journey in order to work successfully in the long term

Mixed Groups

Our experience has shown: The exchange and shared learning within the group is particularly valuable and lively when the participants come from different industries and companies. For this reason, we usually have a maximum of 4 colleagues from the same company taking part in each training session.

You are looking for a suitable seminar for several executives of your company? Here’s the Inhouse training offer.

What our participants say

On average, attendees rate Scrum Academy seminars with 9.8 out of 10 satisfaction points and actively recommend us to friends and colleagues.

What participants say about Sohrab:

Course participant Stefanie L. (team leader in a medium-sized company):

“I have rarely participated in a course with such a high energy level! Sohrab had our undivided attention from minute 1. He knew exactly how to engage us so that truly everyone could go back to work after the 2 days inspired with new ideas, solutions and techniques. His manner and approach made for an extremely open and appreciative atmosphere where people enjoyed sharing and networking. The course script has been on my desk ever since and has already helped me in some difficult job situations. Conclusion: great enrichment, clear recommendation!”


Do I get a CAL certification?

You will actually receive three in our course! You will receive a Certified Agile Leadership (CAL-ETO) certification, which consists of the three certifications CAL-E (Essentials), CAL-T (Teams) and CAL-O (Organizations), if you successfully complete the seminar. Following the course, you will receive the certificate from the Scrum Alliance as a Digital Batch, which you can share via your profiles such as LinkedIn, social media channels, as well as email.

With your participation in the 2-day Certified Agile Leadership training, you will also receive 16 Scrum Education Units (SEUs) from the Scrum Alliance®️.



After your registration for the Certified Agile Leadership Training, you will receive an email from us a few days before the course with access to materials (text and video) that you can use to efficiently prepare for the course. You should schedule about 1 hour to work with these materials.

My benefits

Your benefits at the Leaderhsip seminar with Sohrab Salimi:

High energy level training with active participation of all participants

  • Numerous practical Übungenungen
  • Tools and techniques for immediate use after the course
  • Exciting background knowledge and contextualization of Agile Leading
  • Multimedia presentation and live visualization
  • High-quality training materials developed by Scrum Academy, including script to take home
  • Opportunity for self-reflection and exchange with participants from other industries
  • Free participation in the Agile100 conference series as part of the Scrum Academy Alumni Program

Sohrab Salimi

Sohrab is CEO and Managing Partner of Scrum Academy. He devotes himself to the systematic development of existing and new business areas as well as the development of concrete business models and implementation strategies. As a Certified Scrum Trainer® (CST) he has been substantially involved in the agile transformation of several customer companies. With his trainings he supports organizations in becoming more agile and building a foundation for innovation.


This event is hosted by:

Scrum Academy GmbH is an official partner of Agile Academy


How do I attend?

We are carefully monitoring the situation regarding the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and are following the official guidelines and reasonable precautions.

For this reason, this Certified Agile Leadership Training will be a virtual live training using video conferencing tools etc. You will receive information on this in advance of the course by e-mail, so that you can prepare yourself optimally for the course.

What does virtual training mean for you?

First and foremost a slightly different learning experience. It is true that some things that you experience in a face-to-face training do not come across so well virtually. But this online training offers you the unique opportunity to experience and practice leadership from a distance. For example, you will gain experience with tools that you can use right now in your daily work to lead your employees and your company in the best possible way, even from a distance.

Our experience has shown that the interactivity familiar from our live trainings does not decrease even in this context. It only changes a little! As we have now conducted and accompanied several virtual trainings, we have already been able to gain a lot of experience - and the participants were, as always with us, absolutely thrilled, which was reflected in their feedback of 9.8 out of 10.

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Terms of payment

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Certified Agile Leadership® incl. e-learning Scrum Academy GmbH

Sohrab Salimi
Sohrab Salimi

09:00 - 17:30
Net duration
16 hours
Live Online (GMT+01:00) Berlin

2.999 € 2.899 € plus 19% VAT

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