Seminars on Responsibility & Mindfulness

The importance of responsibility and mindfulness is increasing in the professional world of today. The trainers of the Agile Academy therefore offer you a wide range of responsibility trainings: First, "Compressed Start in Responsibility (KSV)" is available to you as a training. Furthermore, there are trainings in "Leading & Coaching (LC)" and "Close Team Engagement (ETV)" as well as related areas such as Mindfulness and "Organizational Behavior Management (OBM)".

  • Find the right leadership topic for you
  • Learn multiple ways to communicate better
  • Take responsibility for your actions as a leader

Credential: Responsibility Mindfulness
Target Group:
Product Manager, Project Manager
min. 8hrs.
Certified by:
Certificate of Participation
Beginner level

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How do the seminars help me manage employees?

This in-depth block allows you to develop specifically in topics that are close to your heart. Learn more about responsibility in relation to teams and individuals, and find out when you are over- or under-managing your team.

Target Group

Who are these Responsibility seminars for?

The target group is anyone who wants to further their education in the areas of responsibility, responsibility management or mindfulness. The trainings are aimed at people with or without leadership experience and help to simplify any form of coordination, decision-making or information exchange.


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