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Gabrielle Benefield and Riccardo Mariti gave the second presentation at Agile100 in May 2020, talking about how they managed to restructure Riccardo’s restaurant within a few hours to provide food to the neighborhood during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The slides of this exciting presentation are available at our Agile100 recap from May 2020: “Pivoting in a Pandemic – how businesses need to adapt at lightning speed in a crisis” was about the same impressions and experiences made during the agile transformation of the company.

Pivoting in a Pandemic – how businesses need to adapt at lightning speed in a crisis

Gabrielle Benefield

Gabrielle Benefield has led many international product organizations, both large and small, through scrum training, with outstanding results. Using agile and lean in 2005, she led a small San Francisco start-up to an Initial Public Offering. At the other end of the spectrum, she has led the agile transformation at Yahoo!, scaling to over 250 teams globally.

“Jeder redet immer noch davon, Agile zu skalieren. Ok, wir haben viele Leute, die “agil” sind, aber wissen wir auch, ob es die Ergebnisse verbessert hat?”

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