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Evelyn Konsult AB

Certified by: Scrum Alliance

Learn Scrum and Product Ownership with one of the most energized trainers with rich Product Management experience and with multi-industrial coaching experience!

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Evelyn Tian
Evelyn Tian

10:00 - 18:00
Live Online (GMT+02:00) Stockholm
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16 hours

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Understanding Customers and Users

  • Why product discovery
  • Segmenting customers and users
  • Creating a shared understanding of customer needs
  • Prioritizing conflicting customers’ needs
  • Persona concepts and application

Validating Product Assumptions

  • How to validate within Scrum Framework
  • Validation methods and selection

Product Purpose and Strategy

  • Create and describe Product Vision
  • Product Market Phase and corresponding Product Strategy
  • Product Planning and Forecast
  • Roadmap and Release planning

Product Backlog Management

  • Differentiate outcome and output
  • Define and measure value for products
  • Product economics concepts
  • Generating Product Backlog Items
  • Models and techniques for prioritizing product features
  • Product Backlog Refinement - a powerful vehicle
  • Methods for slicing larger needs into smaller product backlog items

Scrum Framework Introduction

  • Lean and Agile principles
  • Scrum framework overview
  • Great anatomy of great ScrumMaster, Product Owner and Scrum Team 

Summary of Product Ownership and Scrum framework

  • Product Owner Core Competencies
  • Responsibilities of a Product Owner
  • Key benefits of Product Ownership
  • Collaboration with Stakeholders
  • Collaboration with developers

Next steps to grow into a great Product Owner


The training will be beneficial to:

  • product owners or product owner candidates;
 product and portfolio managers;
  • business representatives;
  • business experts;
  • business analysts;
  • executives, managers, support staff who are interested in improving product development through an in-depth hands-on workshop

Attending this workshop will grant you the Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO)® status with Scrum Alliance. Scrum Alliance is the largest Scrum certification body and the largest Scrum community.


To fully benefit from the Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) workshop, some preparation is ideal.

We will be sending you preparation materials upon your registration which includes a list of short videos to bring you to a high level understanding of Scrum framework, Zoom and Mural (roughly 60 minutes of work in total).

This will help uplift the workshop experience and enhance the value of the workshop. 

My benefits

You will learn how to build a product while learning Scrum framework!

Check out the testimonials from our past graduates here!


Evelyn Tian

Evelyn is a Certified Enterprise Coach® (CEC), Certified Team Coach® (CTC), Certified Scrum Trainer® (CST), Certified Agile Leadership Educator® (CALE) and has years of experience guiding organizations through large scale transformation and supporting organization developments.

Diversity of culture - Chinese born Canadian living in Sweden, and she worked in North America, Asia and Europe. Through her online mentoring programs, she has supported practitioners from over 70 countries globally!

Diversity of industrials - telecom, automotive, banking, financial services, e-commerce, and pharmaceutical, and she works with companies large (over 100,000+ employees) and small (10+).

Diversity of hands-on experience - Over the past 3 decades, Evelyn worked as a Product Manager, Project Manager, System Architect, Business Analyst, Software Developer, System Integrator, trouble shooter, on-site installation, customer support, and leadership team member for R&D center with close to 10,000 employees.

Since 2009, she has been working as a fulltime agile coach. Evelyn brings her decade of coaching experience into her public classes.


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Evelyn Konsult AB is an official partner of Agile Academy


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Zoom (version 5.3 or higher) and MURAL bring our delegates as engaging and interactive experience as any face-to-face workshop!

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04.07. - 05.07.2022

Certified Scrum Product Owner® Evelyn Konsult AB

Evelyn Tian
Evelyn Tian

10:00 - 18:00
Net duration
16 hours
Live Online (GMT+02:00) Stockholm

1.800 € 1.600 € plus 25% VAT

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