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With the Scrum Product Owner certification, you will dive deep into agile product development and learn true product ownership. This of course includes the product vision, product strategy, product tactics, stakeholder management and a variety of other topics - details can be found below.

In the Certified Product Owner Training of the Scrum Academy you will not only benefit from the rich experience of our Certified Scrum Trainer Sohrab Salimi, who brings a wealth of experience as an entrepreneur, physician and strategy coach to the training, but also from the diversity of the other participants. They come from a wide variety of industries, so that the exchange among each other is a core element of the course - in addition to learning from the trainer.

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How is the training structured?

In your three-day training with Sohrab Salimi you will learn about Scrum and Agile and understand how you as a Product Owner can empower your Scrum team to deliver better products in a better way - nothing else is the objective of Agile Product Development. The Scrum framework itself says little about the tasks and even less about the procedures of an Agile Product Owner, so in this CSPO course we give you the relevant tools, techniques, tips and tricks. This way you will lead your Agile team, your product and your company to success.

The course starts before the course with the preparation tasks - more on that below. The common ground allows us to quickly learn the essentials of Scrum and the agile way of working: the values and principles (defined in the Agile Manifesto) as well as the practices (roles, events and artifacts) defined in the Scrum Framework. It is about exploring agile working (Agile Methodology) not as a dogma but with all its facets, so that you can gradually acquire a better way of working in your reality based on the principles.

The main focus in the Agile Product Owner course will be on the actual tasks and activities of the Product Owner, so that you not only understand the Product Owner role, but can actually perform it. We deal with the entire chain from the product vision (Product Vision or Product Goal) to the finished product and also highlight the most important aspects of dealing with the development team and various stakeholders.

In this highly interactive and work-intensive workshop, the focus is on you as participants. Together, you will work your way into the subtleties of Scrum and learn the tools of a good Agile Product Owner. We do not work with PowerPoint but use live visualization (also in virtual courses) and virtual whiteboard solutions to convey the content. The course is deliberately scheduled for 3 days, so that we can address everything from product management to product development and your questions.

After successfully attending the seminar, you will understand the tasks of the Product Owner and master a variety of tools and techniques so that you can hit the ground running as a Product Owner. Our Product Owner online course (e-learning), which includes all aspects of the live course and more, is available to you permanently (life-time) after the course, so that you can look up everything again. This offer is not available from any other provider.


What does the agenda look like?

We want you to experience Scrum and the Product Owner Role. For this reason, we have structured our course like a product development according to Scrum. We create teams, the team members create working agreements, we formulate a product goal or a product vision and we derive a product backlog from it. During the course, the agenda is revised again and again in the sense of Product Backlog Refinements. In this way we ensure that at the end of the training all participants have been able to address the topics that are most important to them. The training is structured as a "Scrum Project" and runs in sprints including Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Review and Sprint Retrospective. Each day in our CSPO Course is a Sprint with corresponding Sprint Goals.

Day 1: Understanding Scrum and Agile Ways of Working

As a Product Owner, I want to understand Scrum so that I can perform my role deliberately and well

  • The context to Agile Ways of Working: Empirical vs. Defined Process Control
  • Overview of Agile frameworks, methods and tools
  • Scrum Framework Overview
  • Scrum Events: sprint planning, daily scrum, sprint review, sprint retrospective and also product backlog refinement
  • Scrum Roles: Product Owner, Scrum Master, Developer or Development Team as well as dual roles and also the Stakeholders.
  • On the second and third day we simulate the activities of a product owner from the creation of the product backlog to the work with it and the identification of release packages.

Day 2: From the customer problem systematically to the Product Backlog

As a product owner, I want to know how to systematically get from the customer problem to the product backlog so that I can do this better in my environment

  • As a Product Owner I want to know how to get systematically from the customer problem to the Product Backlog, so that I can do this better in my environment
  • From problem to idea by means of Design Thinking
  • From the idea to the product vision or product goal
  • From the product vision to the business model using the Business Model Canvas
  • From the business model to the product backlog including the creation of requirements in the form of user stories

Day 3: Working on the Product Backlog

As a product owner I want to learn how to work on my product backlog in the right way, so that I create added value with my product backlog.

  • Estimation of effort and added value using Estimation Poker
  • Prioritization of the Product Backlog using various techniques such as User Story Mapping, KANO Model, Prioritization Matrix, etc.
  • Identification of an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) by means of User Story Mapping and Outcome First thinking
  • Release planning and product roadmap
  • Tracking of progress in product development by means of a release burnup chart

Other topics

  • Product owner in a scaled system
  • Stakeholder Management
  • etc.

Who are the participants?

The training is aimed at Product Owners (or those who want to become one), but also Scrum Masters, members from a Development Team, Product Managers (Product Managers), Project Leaders, Project Managers (Project Management), Business Analysts and classic managers.

The background of the participants ranges from Scrum novices to people who already have practical experience. The exchange of experiences among each other is an essential element of the training. In order to build on a common foundation, we recommend that you do the preparation tasks - see below. Please allow 30 minutes to 4 hours for this, depending on your level of knowledge. The course is highly interactive and therefore not suitable for people who want to sit in the corner for 3 days and be sprinkled. If you want to spend 3 days actively shaping the course and contributing your experience, this is the course for you.

Our participants love our training!

On average, our participants give us 9.8 out of 10 possible satisfaction points and recommend us to friends and colleagues. Why? Our trainings are not a PowerPoint show, but very interactive. You, the participant, are the focus, not us, the trainers. We use many principles and practices of "Training from the BACK of the Room" (Sharon Bowman) in our training, which fit very well with agile approaches. Get ready to be active and on the move!


How does the certification work?

Successful participation in the course leads to obtaining the Certified Scrum Product Owner® certificate of the Scrum Alliance. In contrast to the Certified ScrumMaster®, no test is necessary to obtain the certificate. The prerequisite is continuous and active participation in the course. Since we cover much more hours in our 3-day course format than the minimum required by the Scrum Alliance, it is not tragic if 1-2h of the course cannot be attended. For this we offer live recordings from Zoom, so that participants can make up for this part of the course. In addition, there is a permanent access to our Product Owner Online Course. To date, 100% of all participants in our courses have also received the Scrum Alliance Certification.

After this course you will have the necessary knowledge to participate in the A-CSPO (Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner) with about one year of experience in the Product Owner role.


How can I prepare myself?

To prepare, we recommend our free Scrum Foundations online course for all those who have not yet had any contact with Scrum. You can also read the Scrum Guide by Scrum founders Dr. Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber. Basically you should know what Scrum is about, which roles, events and artifacts there are. Please make a note of any questions you may have so that we can address them during the training.

My benefits

What advantages does this training offer me?

To get into the intricacies of Scrum and the job of a good product owner, we have an additional training day, so that we spend three work-intensive days together. Every CSPO training of the Scrum Academy is accredited for the "Bildungscheck NRW". You can find more information under "Funding opportunities" when you register.

The following is included in the course fee:

  • 3-day course with a maximum of 20 participants conducted by Sohrab Salimi.
  • A variety of practical examples from diverse industries: Software, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Medical, Banking, Insurance, and many more.
  • Life-time access to the Product Owner Online Course worth €500
  • Invitation to the exclusive Scrum Academy Alumni Slack Community
  • In case of live online training: Perfect digital infrastructure in the course consisting of Zoom, Mural and Slack
  • In case of a face-to-face course: Wonderful location with great catering, good snacks and drinks
  • Complete documentation of the training directly afterwards - will be created quasi live
  • Additional material on the topic of Scrum and agility
  • High-quality give-aways like notebook, technical literature from our Scrum Academy library, etc.
  • CSPO Certification and two-year membership in the Scrum Alliance
  • If you want you can even take the PSPO (Professional Scrum Product Owner) exam at Scrum.org
  • 16 PDUs (Professional Development Units) for PMI
  • Have fun ;-)

Sohrab Salimi

Sohrab is CEO and Managing Partner of Scrum Academy. He devotes himself to the systematic development of existing and new business areas as well as the development of concrete business models and implementation strategies. As a Certified Scrum Trainer® (CST) he has been substantially involved in the agile transformation of several customer companies. With his trainings he supports organizations in becoming more agile and building a foundation for innovation.


This event is hosted by:

Scrum Academy GmbH is an official partner of Agile Academy


How do I attend?

We are carefully monitoring the situation regarding the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and are following the official guidelines and reasonable precautions.

For this reason, this Certified Scrum Product Owner Training will be a virtual live training using video conferencing tools etc. You will receive information on this in advance of the course by e-mail, so that you can prepare yourself optimally for the course.

What does virtual training mean for you?

First and foremost a slightly different learning experience. It is true that some things that you experience in a face-to-face training do not come across so well virtually. But this online training offers you the unique chance to try out tools and techniques that help you in your role as a Product Owner to get the best out of your product even with a distributed team.

Our experience has shown that the interactivity familiar from our live trainings does not decrease even in this context. It only changes a little!

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Terms of payment

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We offer discounts for students and self-payers.

In addition, many of our trainings are accredited for the use of the Bildungsscheck NRW. Just contact us when booking.

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Certified Scrum Product Owner® incl. e-learning Scrum Academy GmbH

Sohrab Salimi
Sohrab Salimi

09:30 - 09:30
Net duration
24 hours
Live Online (GMT+02:00) Berlin

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