What skills does a product owner need?

First and foremost, a Product Owner must have domain expertise, which means he or she must be an expert in the target audience, their needs and potential competitive products. If a Product Owner does not yet have this expertise, then he or she must work towards gaining this domain expertise. In addition, communication skills are of great importance in this role, as a Product Owner must be able to communicate the context to the development team and stakeholders. The soft skills and knowledge listed below are important in daily work.

Through product responsibility, product owners have the task of defining and prioritizing the “what” and thus the requirements of the product. This means that, in addition to the product, the management of the different requirements of the individual stakeholders and, above all, of the customers is also a priority.

The Product Owner Journey is very complex and exciting. On this page we will show you what the most important tasks, the biggest challenges and the best opportunities for advancement are. Find out for yourself whether you are up to the role of Product Owner and how you can become an outstanding Product Manager in an agile company.

All this enables a product owner to perform his daily tasks in a goal-oriented manner and ensures that the work steps and stakeholder management are given sufficient weight.

Social Skills
  • open and respectful interaction with people
  • visionary, imaginative and creative
  • passionate about inspiring others
  • stay focused and keep the overview
  • strong communication skills and the ability to say no
  • high communication skills in working with stakeholders
  • courageous, open and interested in improvement and further development
  • realistic and absolutely honest
  • decisive and ready not only to see their own mistakes, but also to take them into account in future decisions
Empirical Skills
  • a given Domain expertise
  • good at analysing skills
  • estimating & prioritising
  • economic understanding of business and product processes

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