The Agile Team Coaching Track

As an Agile Team Coach you focus on team development by guiding individuals and teams to high performance. Here you will find different training courses of the Agile Team Coaching Track certified by ICAgile that combine skills from professional facilitation, coaching, mentoring, and teaching to help them delivering business results that truly matter. You will improve your Agile Coach skills by emphasizing self-awareness, self-management, and serving as a role model of agile values and principles.

Learn how to lead and accompany your agile team on its journey from startup to a comprehensive high-performing team.

Credential: Agile Team Coaching by ICAgile
Target Group:
Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, Team Leaders, Agile Leaders
depending on course 16-24 hours
Certified by:
Advanced level

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What is an ICP-ATF certification?

ICP-ATF stands for the ICAgile Agile Team Facilitation Certificate, which is an industry-recognised credential. The certification confirms your understanding of group facilitation tools and techniques to effectively design meetings and workshops that both engage the entire audience and lead to agreed outcomes.


What is an ICP-ACC certification?

ICP-ACC stands for the ICAgile Agile Coaching certificate. The ICP-ACC training is designed for people (e.g. Scrum Master, Product Owner, Agile Leaders) who want to build and enhance their key competencies to lead and effectively facilitate, coach, mentor and teach Agile Teams.


Who created the Certification Program?

Well-known contributers for the Agile Team Coaching Certification Trainings are Marsha Acker, Lyssa Adkins, Luke Lackrone, Tim Meyers, Ahmed Sidky and Michael Spayd.


Do I get an Agile Coach Certification?

Every training offered on this page concludes with an ICAgile certificate. For the Agile Team Coaching track, you can start your agile journey with the ICP - Agile Fundamentals to build your agile mindset. 

Then deepen your skills as an Agile Team Coach with the knowledge-based certificates for Agile Team Facilitation (ICP-ATF) and Agile Coaching (ICP-ACC). 

After successfully completing these certificates, you will have the opportunity to participate in an accredited expert program to become an ICAgile Certified Expert in Agile Coaching (ICE-AC).


What is ICAgile?

ICAgile is another international certification company in the agile space next to Scrum Alliance and It focuses on creating transformative learning to encourage agility in organisations.

You can earn an ICAgile credential by attending an instructor-led course by an accredited trainer from an ICAgile Member Organization. At the Agile Academy you will find both live online courses and in-person courses that will help you bring your knowledge and skills in the agile field to a new level.


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