Agile Hardware Development

The Agile4Hardware training focuses on the application of Scrum in complex, physical product development. Specifically, we talk about the specific challenges in the hardware environment, the different scaling levels and implementation ideas.

  • Learn how agile development works for complex physical products
  • Master the unique challenges in the hardware environment
  • Find out how to use agile hardware development profitably

Credential: Agile4Hardware
Target Group:
min. 14hrs. (online), 16hrs. (on site)
Certified by:
Certificate of Completion
Advanced level

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Target audience

Who should participate in the agile hardware training?

The Agile4Hardware training is aimed at experienced agilists (scrum masters, product owners, executives with at least two years of experience in the agile way of working/scrum)


What will I learn in the Agile4Hardware training?

The application of Scrum and other agile methods has been celebrating success in software development for decades. But the principles cannot be transferred 1:1 to the development of complex physical products without adaptation. At the latest when the test balloon of the pilot project is to be rolled out to the organization, the risk of failure is particularly high. During the Agile4Hardware training, the participants learn about the special features to be considered and possible ways of dealing with them. In addition, various examples are used to discuss how Agile hardware product development can be designed across organizations.


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