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Afagh Zadeh

Afagh Zadeh

Afagh Zadeh is sociologist and has been working as an HR Manager at SE-Consulting since 2010. Since 2015, she has been working as a consultant, coach and consultant in companies, using her knowledge of personnel development in particular to initiate and implement change processes in companies. She supports and accompanies teams and organizations in the agile transformation.

Afagh is a convinced agilist, Scrum Trainer and Scrum Master based in Cologne, Germany. She was born in Iran (Tehran) and came to Germany at the age of 7 with her parents and her younger sister. As mother of two children one of her biggest challenges is continuously learning with her kids. Being adaptive, reacting to the world around her and learning from her kids is one of the most exciting things for her.

As Coach, Trainer and Scrum Master, she is convinced that continuous learning is the catalyst for continuous improvement. She applies this dogma in all the teams and companies she works with. Being part of a learning organization, she sees herself as the motivator and driving force for permanent learning of teams, their environment and herself. By actively observing and listening, she helps teams to develop their own solutions and thus continuously and sustainably improve. Furthermore, Afagh has committed herself to promoting the agile mindset because she loves and lives agility.

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Trainings: Afagh Zadeh
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