Alissa Witzemann

Alissa Witzemann

Alissa is a certified mindfulness trainer by the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (SIY) and a certified coach. She currently works as Organisation Development Consultant at Swiss Re, Zurich.
Following her passion, Alissa is working independently as a mindfulness trainer and coach and recently founded Flate, which stands for Flow State. Flate delivers mindfulness and emotional intelligence trainings, supporting organizations to establish a thriving workforce. Alissa brings with her over six years of work experience in Organization and People Development in the financial services industry, the industrial sector and as Consultant with BCG.
At BCG, she was a member of their mindfulness network and regularly delivered trainings for their employees. She is an occupational psychologist, MSc in Organizational Psychology from University of Edinburgh, and Double Bachelors Degree in Business from ESB Reutlingen and Dublin City University. Alissa is accredited for conducting personality tests (OPQ), team profiling and a certified yoga teacher. She enjoys doing sports - skiing, running, yoga and pilates to de-stress and re-focus.

If you want to learn more about Alissa, you can visit her on LinkedIn or go to her website:

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