Sabine Canditt

Sabine Canditt

From software development to people development: having started as an electrical, system and software engineer, I am now coaching individuals, teams and organisations towards an agile, purposeful, joyful and sustainable (working) life.

Back in 2004, when I was working as a software developer and process improver, I was enlightened by my Certified Scrum Master training, given by Ken Schwaber. This was the way I wanted to work! I became one of the first German Certified Scrum Trainers in 2008 (I am still the only female one, unfortunately) and a Certified Enterprise Coach in 2011. I have been the “Agile Mindsetter” as internal trainer and coach for Siemens and Allianz, working with many individuals and teams in business, IT, product development, and management. After almost 30 years, I left the world of big companies, worked independently ( and now found my team at improuv GmbH

Since I started with my coaching education in 2012, I have been improving my professional coaching skills. I want to infect people with my enthusiasm for  personal growths. I have been inspired by ORSC (Organization and Relationship System Coaching) and its application to (Agile) change processes. I am convinced that coaching can and must contribute to the solution of the severe problems of humanity, specifically climate change.

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