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Bridging the Gap: Nacho Bassino’s Insights on Turning Strategic Vision into Execution

"Turning Strategic Vision into Execution" focuses on Nacho Bassino's advice for actualizing visions through clear goals, leadership, and tools like role mapping and OKRs.

product strategy, strategic roadmap, objectives.

Transforming Fear into Agile Innovation: Lessons from Mary Lynn Manns, Pixar, Adobe, and More

Change is a constant in the world of agility, yet it often brings with it a shadowy companion: fear. The fear of the unknown, the fear of disruption, the fear of failure—all can paralyze organizations and individuals.


Transform your Workplace Dynamics: Insights and Strategies from Kim Scott's 'Just Work'

Improve collaboration in your team with Kim Scott's 'Just Work' at Agile Academy. Learn successful collaboration methods and strategies.

Learning agile ways of working: Self-paced online courses and live trainings

If you are interested in learning about Scrum, Agile or Kanban, try the self-paced online class or our live training!

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