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The trainings and seminars of the Agile Academy are conducted by certified, experienced trainers and coaches. Together we offer you a diverse program of agile education and Certified Training.

Below you will find an overview of our certification courses for the Scrum Master, Product Owner and in Agile Leadership as well as our thematic Deep Dives and the free Info Events.

Scrum Master ›

In our Certified Scrum Master training we deal with the key elements of Scrum: the values and principles, roles and practices. Although these elements are quite easy to learn, their implementation in the everyday work can be tough. This Scrum Master Certification is all about gaining a deep understanding for the essentials of Scrum – a Scrum mindset with which upcoming problems can be solved. We cover all topics from the product vision to the final product – even beyond software development.

After the successful participation in our Certified Scrum Master® training, you will understand the tasks of the scrum master role and are prepared to use Scrum in your project.

Product Owner ›

Our Certified Scrum Product Owner® (Xtra) training will give you deep insights into agile planning, estimation und leadership for product owners, scrum masters, customers, product managers or sales consultants.

The participants of our product owner course will not only benefit from the various experiences of the different trainers, they will also get to experience the interaction and energy in the training.

After our Certified Scrum Product Owner® course, you will be able to lead your own agile project (with the help of your Scrum team) from the product vision to the successful completion – even beyond software development.

Agile Leadership ›

Leaders and senior management in particular face special challenges when a company wants to initiate the agile transformation. "What will my tasks look like in the future?" or "How does the role of the leader change in an agile company and what will be expected of me in the future?" - These are just a few of the questions we address in Certified Agile Leadership (CAL) training.

The Agile Academy offers you the Certified Agile Leadership Training, which has been awarded by the ScrumAlliance. This leadership training prepares you for the challenges you will face as a leader during the Agile transformation of your Organization.

The Agile Leadership Training consists of up to three certifications: The "Certified Agile Leadership Essentials", in which you learn the basics of agile leadership and the two advanced certifications "Certified Agile Leadership for Teams" and "Certified Agile Leadership for Organizations".

On the following pages you will learn about the benefits of each Agile Leadership training and which trainer offers which certification in which combination.

Kanban ›

The Kanban trainings of the Agile Academy are certified by the LeanKanban University and build on the two components KMP I and KMP II. 

The Kanban System Design (KMP I) teaches the necessary basics and principles of Kanban, while the Kanban Systems Improvement (KMP II) goes deeper into the practice and helps to improve the own system continuously. Furthermore, in the Kanban Systems Improvement (KMP II) you learn about possible scaling techniques.

The training is suitable for all who want to use Kanban in their company to visualize and continuously improve processes.

Find out more about the possible courses and on our Kanban page and inform yourself on the respective training page about the concrete contents and how the respective trainer and provider conducts the course.

Upcoming courses

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Foundation Courses ›

In addition to our Certified Scrum Product Owner® and Certified Scrum Master® courses we also offer other agile-related trainings.

In most cases, these courses don’t include a certification, but can be a good introduction to the agile world or can be seen as a preliminary step to a later certification. Our trainings are not only relevant for software development, but also for many other business areas.

In regular intervals we offer “Scrum in a nutshell” and “Retrospectives in a nutshell” trainings as well as visualization workshops especially for Agile and Scrum or facilitation workshops.

Upcoming courses

Unfortunately, there are currently no dates available.

We will offer new event dates as soon as possible. Contact us personally, and we will find a solution for you

If you would like to attend the same event in other languages, then you may take a look at our German page.

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Deep Dives ›

Die Advanced Kurse der ScrumAlliance "Path to CSP" bilden den logischen nächsten Schritt für alle ScrumMaster und Product Owner, die nach dem Einstiegskurs – Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM®) oder Certified Scrum Product Owner® (CSPO) – bereits praktische Erfahrung gesammelt haben. Im Idealfall bringen die Teilnehmer mindestens 1 Jahr praktische Erfahrung mit, damit sie konkrete Herausforderungen in den Kurs mitbringen und den Austausch der Teilnehmer untereinander bereichern können. Alle Advanced Kurse helfen den Teilnehmern dabei ihr Repertoire an Tools und Techniken zu vervollständigen und dank des Austauschs mit den anderen Kursteilnehmern ihren eigenen Horiziont zu erweitern. Unsere Advanced Kurse erfüllen die Voraussetzungen der ScrumAlliance, um nach erfolgreicher Absolvierung die Zertifizierung als Certified Scrum Professional® (CSP) zu erlangen.

Info Events ›

We offer free info events for different agile topics in regular intervals. Approx. every two months we host the evening event “Scrum in 2h”. Among others we also offer the popular info event “OKRs in 2h”.

In these courses you will get to know the essentials of the respective agile method – Scrum, Kanban, SAFe etc. You will learn how to develop your products and services faster and more efficiently. Furthermore, you will be prepared for a good start into self-organization and process improvement.

Theses methods can also be used successfully in other areas than only software development in order to foster quick improvements and increased quality. Your customers will love it!