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Meet Henrik, your agile sidekick.
Powered by AI, inspired by Humans.

Trained on Agile Academy's expertise, Henrik is here to guide, inspire, and coach.
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Henrik is trained on our knowledge and coaching-style and continues learning.

Humans Included

We, the team behind Henrik, are ready to help when the machine stumbles.


Your data will never be used for training the AI or any other purposes.

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During our beta-period we invite you to test and challenge Henrik so we can see how he deals with people from all backgrounds.

Talking to Henrik is free for a limited time and has no strings attached. However, we will have to limit the number of requests you can make.

We can’t wait for you to meet Henrik and look forward to your feedback!

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Not your usual AI: Henrik is different.


Oh yeah? How so?


Well for starters I'm highly specialized and trained on the knowledge and material from Agile Academy. This includes 100+ hours of video, over 1.000 blog articles, transcripts from over 50 interviews with industry thought leaders.

I really want to provide information that can be trusted.


Not bad. What else is so special about you?


You know, it's not just about handing over answers. I'm here to ponder alongside you, asking questions that encourage you both to reflect and think a bit deeper.

By exploring your inquiries together, my aim is to nudge your thought process and foster a collaborative learning experience.

How does that sound?


Sounds good, but what if you’re wrong?


Great point! I'm bound to slip up now and then. But I'm always open to different perspectives and corrections. After all, nobody's perfect, right?

Plus, I have a team of human experts ready to step in whenever you need more than what I can provide.


Henrik… the name sounds familiar…


Ah! Maybe you’re thinking of a certain thought leader by the name of Henrik Kniberg. I was named in homage to this smart fella.

I really want to be like him one day.

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Frequently asked questions

Henrik is an AI-powered agile assistant, custom-developed by Agile Academy. Designed to offer personalized guidance, Henrik aims to challenge your thinking and encourages deeper reflection on agile practices. By employing AI, Henrik understands your questions and provides answers drawn from Agile Academy's trusted materials, including workshops, interviews, blog posts, and online courses.

At the heart of our approach is the belief that combining AI with human intelligence can yield outstanding results. A key feature of Henrik is its feedback mechanism, allowing you to give feedback on his responses. This feedback is reviewed by actual humans for two main purposes: a) to continually improve Henrik and enhance his learning, and b) to provide you with expert answers from our team of agile professionals when needed.

While Henrik and ChatGPT both leverage AI to engage in conversation, Henrik is uniquely tailored for the agile world. Custom-developed by Agile Academy, Henrik is specifically trained on agile methodologies and principles, drawing from our extensive library of workshops, interviews, blog posts, and online courses. This focused training ensures Henrik provides not just any answers, but agile-centric guidance and insights.

Moreover, Henrik incorporates a feedback loop directly connected to our team of agile experts, enabling continuous improvement of its responses and the opportunity for users to receive human expert advice when needed.

Your privacy and data security are our top priorities when using Henrik. Here's how we ensure your data is handled safely:

  • Your data is never used for AI training or any purposes other than providing you with answers.
  • User inputs are processed through the OpenAI API solely to generate responses.
  • If you choose to provide feedback or seek additional human insights, you have the option to share your conversation with us at Agile Academy, but only with your explicit consent.
  • For added security, you can enable two-factor authentication (2FA) to protect your account.

Henrik serves as a complement to human coaches, providing instant, AI-driven support. It's part of our commitment to innovate and make agile learning accessible to everyone. While Henrik offers a wealth of knowledge, human experts at Agile Academy provide in-depth, personalized coaching.

Henrik is for anyone interested in agile, from beginners to seasoned practitioners. It's part of our mission to experiment and innovate, making agile learning accessible to all, regardless of their experience level.

You can count on Henrik's answers because they're drawn from the same trusted Agile Academy resources our community loves — like our workshops, blogs, and online-courses. Our agile experts make sure this information stays up-to-date and accurate. Plus, every time you share feedback on Henrik's replies, it helps us make them even better. If there's a tricky question, our team steps in to ensure you get the reliable advice you need. It's all about making sure you get the right guidance, every time.

If Henrik falls short, it will guide you to additional resources or connect you with Agile Academy's human experts for deeper assistance. Your feedback is also welcome to help us continuously improve Henrik's capabilities.

During the beta phase, Henrik is completely free to use. However, to manage our costs for the OpenAI API, we're limiting usage to 10 messages per day. We truly value your feedback during this phase, as it's crucial for enhancing Henrik's capabilities. Looking ahead, we're considering introducing paid plans for those who need unlimited access and additional features.

Any questions?

Feel free to contact us with your questions or concerns.

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