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Welcome to the Agile Academy, your leading agile learning platform!

We connect you with certified agile experts and offer you a variety of opportunities to deepen and expand your knowledge of Lean, Agile and Scrum. Here you will find a great variety of certified trainings and online courses.

On the agile learning platform of the Agile Academy you will find training from the following providers:

Our Agile Journeys & Training Courses

The Agile Academy offers various Agile Journeys, certifications and trainings as well as free info events, so that you can find the right one for you.

Scrum Master

Discover how you as a Scrum Master can set new impulses for you personally, your team and your organization in every phase of your development.

Learn more about the Scrum Master Journey.

Agile Leader

Live up to your leadership role and support the Agile Transformation of your company as an Agile Leader.

Learn more about the Agile Leadership Journey.

Scrum Developer

Deepen your knowledge in agile software development and learn how to contribute to the team's success as a Scrum Developer.

Learn more about the Scrum Developer Journey.

Product Owner

Become a Certified Product Owner and find out how to climb the next level of development and continuously increase the value of your product.

Read more about the Product Owner Journey.


Our Foundation Courses offer you Scrum as a compact one-day experience. You will quickly find out where your strengths lie.

Deep Dives

Deepen your expertise with one of our Deep Dives and pursue your agile career goalds with determination.


Find out how to work with multiple teams on a product.


Visualize and improve your processes continuously with Kanban.

Info Events

Dive into the world of Agile Working with our free Info Events.

Inhouse Training

You are looking for an Inhouse Training for your team or your company? We make you an individual offer!

Online Courses

You want to learn at your own pace and from home? We offer Online Courses for specific journeys!




Qualified Trainer Around The World

The trainers and coaches at Agile Academy are all thoroughly agile. They are certified according to the Scrum Alliance as Certified Scrum Trainer® (CST®), Certified Enterprise Coach® (CEC®) and Certified Scrum Professional® (CSP). Trainers for Kanban have the necessary accreditation as trainers of the Lean-Kanban University. Get to know all the trainers.

Participants Are Thrilled!

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Certified Scrum Trainings and Agile Trainings face-to-face, in-house or as a virtual live training!

The Agile Academy offers you the perfect introduction to Scrum. No matter if you are an Executive, Project Manager or Beginner, with our training you will get deep into the methodology and tasks of your desired role. All trainings of the Agile Academy are structured into the three parts of an agile organization.

As a Scrum Master you learn more about the process and organizational structure that you should promote and lead as a Scrum Master in your company. The Scrum Product Owner Trainings are primarily aimed at Product Managers who want to use Scrum as a framework to develop from an inspiring product vision to working effectively with a team. Finally, the Agile Leadership Training helps Managers to find their role outside the Scrum framework in an agile organization. Successful examples and measures show how to quickly and efficiently initiate and implement measures if the company is striving for holistic change.

In addition, the Agile Academy offers seminars and training courses that deepen the knowledge of the roles and can be useful additions to the Scrum Master or Product Owner certifications. In addition to the Certified Advanced Courses, these are mainly the thematic training courses on Kanban, Design Thinking and OKRs that are appropriate to the roles.

Questions & Answers (Q&A) about Agile Academy

Scrum is a framework for agile product development. In the Scrum framework, you work in short cycles (sprints) in order to obtain feedback from customers often and as early as possible. The Scrum Team consists of three roles: Scrum Master, Product Owner, and Development Team (Dev Team). The team is self-organized and interdisciplinary. This means that many decisions are made directly by the development team. To create a potentially deliverable result and to ensure the highest possible quality, there are a number of meetings such as Daily Scrum, Sprint Planning, Sprint Review, and Sprint Retrospective for the Scrum Team.

Want to know more? We have summarized detailed information about the Scrum Framework in our Scrum Guide.

ScrumAlliance and are two different organizations with different goals and structures. The ScrumAlliance is a non-profit organization with the goal of “transforming the world of work”.

As the world's largest community with more than 500,000 members, the ScrumAlliance undertakes a variety of initiatives. For example, the ScrumAlliance hosts Global Scrum Gatherings three times a year and supports Scrum User Groups in over 100 cities.

The selection process to become a Certified Scrum Trainer® of the ScrumAlliance is by far the most demanding in the industry. As of June 2020, there are only 250 Certified Scrum Trainers® worldwide. Currently, 11 of them work with and for the Agile Academy. The most important authors on the topic of Scrum are all members of the ScrumAlliance: e.g. Dr. Jeff Sutherland, Mike Cohn (co-author in the Scrum knowledge area of the Agile Academy) or Lyssa Adkins., on the other hand, is a privately owned organization and is primarily focused on the topic of software.

The Agile Academy has the perfect training for everyone:

The Certified Scrum Master Training prepares you for the role of a Scrum Master. As the person responsible for the framework the Scrum Master has to master it so that he can convey the essence of Scrum to the development team, the product owner, and the organization. In addition, we dive into the task as facilitator and coach. In the end, you will have a deep understanding of Scrum and the role of the Scrum Master. In addition, you leave the training with an agile "toolbox" to start as a Scrum Master in your company.

The Certified Scrum Product Owner Training highlights Scrum from the perspective of the Product Owner. In the first part of the training, we dive into the Scrum Framework. The second part of the Product Owner Training focuses on daily work as a Product Owner. First, we use Design Thinking, Business Model Design, and other methods and tools to get from a problem to the Product Backlog. Then we use a number of techniques, such as story mapping, to prioritize the product backlog and create release plans.

With the Certified Agile Leadership Training we offer support for managers and c-level executives. CAL-1 provides insights into the basics of agile leadership and gives you practical tips for business transformation from a leadership perspective.

In addition, there are a variety of in-depth courses (e.g. Kanban, Design Thinking, and OKRs) as well as free introductory events that give you a first look into the contents of the certification courses offered and the further training portfolio of Agile Academy within two hours.

If you are not sure what the right course is for you, our team will be happy to advise you.

In the courses of the Agile Academy, the background of the participants ranges from Scrum newcomers to people who have already gained practical experience. The exchange among each other is beneficial for all participants. If you are starting from scratch, it is recommended to have a look into the knowledge area beforehand. Here you can also search specifically for contributions to the desired role or a focus area.

Each participant also receives a course package with information and reading materials to voluntary prepare for the course.

Many Agile Academy providers offer discounts for students and self-payers. In addition, some of the training courses offered are accredited for the Bildungscheck NRW. To find out whether a training course or trainer is accredited for any funding opportunities or offers special discounts, go to "My benefits" in the training description or to "Funding opportunities" at the bottom of the booking form on the respective training page. If you have any questions, you can also contact the course provider at any time.

The Agile Academy is a booking portal for a variety of certified and hand-picked trainers who offer Agile training and education. When you book through the Agile Academy, you can choose the location, trainer, and date and register for a course. All trainers are Agile Practitioners and Coaches with several years of experience & expertise. You can see which certifications and awards each coach has on their trainer page. In addition, you can currently choose between virtual and on-site training with trainers.