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Let's face it: Training at scale is hard.

You've sent some of your people to agile trainings.

They came back with new ideas and tools.

But they came back to a team that didn't yet have these new ideas.

Now you have a silo of knowledge and for that newly trained person it's pretty hard to push their new ideas into action.

Also it's common that new learnings are forgotten after a while and sooner or later it's back to the old ways.

The investment in the one-off training just became obsolete.

Maybe you've sent your entire team to an agile workshop and they benefited greatly from it. They improved their processes and collaboration and perform better than ever.

Now you have a functional agile team siloed inside a not-so-agile organization.

An organization is only truly agile, when all teams are on the same page, use they same methods and have the same understanding.

Siloed knowledge will only get you that far and will slow your organization down.

So how do you tackle these silos?

You need to train, coach and empower every single moving part in your organization.

Chances are, that is every employee.

But you can't simply send 500 people to 30 workshops in the course of 24 weeks. Too slow, too costly.

We think there's a better solution:

People learning together, from the same resources and coaches, at the same time, at their own pace.

Agile Academy Campus is exactly that.

It gives you access to a collection of immersive online courses, facilitated by world-class coaches, supported by live interactions like keynotes and group sessions.

It's like sending 500 people to live courses, but at 10x speed and at a fraction of the costs. And from the comfort of their own desks.

With scalable online courses you will empower your entire organization in a sustainable and effective way.

Sohrab Salimi Agile Academy Campus is our answer to modern era requirements for training and enablement.

Combining online courses for speed and scalability with individual coaching and guidance we can guarantee high quality training and engagement.

– Sohrab Salimi, Founder & CEO of Agile Academy

How it works

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What's included in Agile Academy Campus

Premium Online Courses

Product Owner

20 hours of video + assignments

999 €

Scrum Master & Agile Coach

24 hours of video + assignments

999 €

Agile Leader

16 hours of video + assignments

999 €

Agile Leader Fundamentals

9 hours of video + assignments

499 €

Visual Clarity - Drawing Basics

approx. 35 Min of videos

49 €

Agile Fundamentals

4 hours of video

250 €

Scrum Foundations

4 hours of video

250 €

Agile Project Management

9 hours of video + assignments

Coming Soon

...and more coming soon

We continuously develop and release new online courses.

On the roadmap: Kanban, Design Thinking, OKRs and more


Access to our Agile Academy Community

Join our Agile Academy Slack Community to connect with agilists worldwide, and share your thoughts and questions. Our Agile Academy team is also here to help you out and answer any questions you might have.

plus, optionally...

Weekly live sessions

Add weekly live sessions with one of our expert coaches to connect, ask questions and learn together.

Included in Campus Live & Prime

Individual coaching

One of our experienced coaches will be at your side for individual coaching. Get guidance and support in your learning initiative.

Included in Campus Prime

Variable pricing & discounts.
No hidden fees.

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