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Welcome to the service area of the Agile Academy! Here we provide answers to your most important questions and help you find the best training for you and your needs. If you have any further questions for us as the platform operator, you can contact us any time at: team(at) or call us at: +49 151 418 78 553‬.

The Agile Academy is a platform where you can find several training providers for Agile & Scrum trainings. The training portfolio is available in both German and English.

Using the language button in the navigation, you can choose whether you prefer to see the German or the English trainings.

Frequently Asked Questions

In addition, all answers in this section are divided into the following categories:

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Agile Academy Plattform

Who or what is the Agile Academy?

The Agile Academy is an agile learning platform that allows you to book trainings with various partner organizations and trainers. **All trainings are certified by an official body and are usually internationally recognized**. All trainers and partner organizations are curated experts in their field and internationally known.

Agile Academy trainings take place both on-site and remotely and are offered worldwide by the partner organizations. You can find the Agile Academy's offerings in both German and English.

Occasionally, the trainers also offer training in other languages such as Spanish, Dutch or Farsi. The respective course language is listed when booking.

What are the advantages of booking through the Agile Academy?

First and foremost, you benefit from our wide range of training courses. Each trainer has a different focus, such as a focus on hardware, medicine & pharmaceuticals or marketing.

You can choose the training that suits you best from our offer and save yourself the search on several sites. In addition, you can book trainings from different providers in just a few clicks.

What certifications does the Agile Academy offer?

Most Scrum training courses, such as Certified Scrum Master, Certified Product Owner, Scrum Developer and Agile Leadership, for example, are certified by the Scrum Alliance, the world's largest certification company.

For other trainings, such as Kanban or our in-depth or basic courses, it is stated how they are certified. In the case of Kanban, the certificate is issued by Kanban University.

With whom do I conclude a contract when I book a training?

The Agile Academy is the booking platform on which you book your training with independent providers. The general terms and conditions of the Agile Academy apply, as well as the booking and cancellation conditions of the training provider.

You can find the information on the booking page of the respective provider in the booking form.

Live Trainings

What are live trainings?

We refer to all events that are held on-site or remotely as live training as live training. Only live events with a certified trainer are usually certified by the internationally recognized bodies.

A live training is therefore conducted by one of our trainers in real time and on-site or as live-online training.

How do I get certified and how does the certificate work?

The live trainings for Scrum Master, Product Owner and in Agile Leadership are all certified by the Scrum Alliance, the world's largest certification organization.

All Scrum Alliance certifications are actively valid for two years. This means that within this time, the participant is managed as an active member of the Scrum Alliance and enjoys various benefits. After this time, one loses his active status unless he renews it.

The three largest trainings for Certified ScrumMaster, Product Owner and Scrum Developer as well as the certification in Agile Leadership all require a minimum of 16 hours of live training by a certified Scrum trainer. In addition, the Scrum Master requires passing a written test and the Scrum Developer requires a practical exercise for the developers.

In which language are trainings available?

The Agile Academy pages are available in German and English. You can change the language by clicking on the top right in the navigation.

Depending on the language selected, you will be shown training courses in German or English. You can find the course language in the colored box at the top right of the training page or in the training tables on the selection pages.

Occasionally, trainings are also offered in Spanish, Dutch or Chinese. If one of these is listed, you will find it on the English website. If you need a training in a specific language, you can call us and we will try to find a solution for you.

Why am I asked for an address?

Many trainers send a package with literature, agile tools or a small goodie before the start of the training. Therefore, after registration, they ask you for an address to which they can send these materials.

Why are the prices of the trainings so different?

The Agile Academy is a platform for curated trainings. All trainers are experts in their field and have many years of experience in agile methods and ways of working. Each trainer sets the price for their training themselves. Depending on the country, years of experience, focus and training duration, prices therefore vary in both amount and currency.

Information about the trainers and the respective content can be found on the respective training page.

How do I renew my active membership as a Scrum Master and Product Owner with the Scrum Alliance?

Upon successful completion of your training, you will receive an active membership in the Scrum Alliance.

This is valid for two years and brings you some advantages such as the use of the community, the tools and materials offered there or the possibility to participate in Scrum Alliance events.

If you want to extend this active membership after two years, you can do so on the Scrum Alliance site by indicating the SEUs you have earned and for a small fee. The amount for the active membership varies between 50 and 250 US dollars depending on the certificate.

What are SEUs (Scrum Education Units)?

Scrum Education Units or SEUs are points that you need to renew your active membership in the Scrum Alliance. The SEUs reflect the time you have spent on agile topics within the past two years. In order to keep your active membership, you will need to indicate how you have engaged with agile topics in the past two years when renewing using the SEUs.

This can be participation in conferences (as Agile Academy we offer for example the free agile100 conference), reading books or articles and much more ( Depending on the certificate, between 10 and 40 SEUs are required to renew active membership.

What does the waiting list mean when a training is fully booked?

As soon as all places of a training are occupied, you have the possibility to put yourself on the waiting list. If a place becomes available, you will be notified and asked if you want to participate in the training.

Online Classes

What is the difference between live training and online course?

Live trainings are conducted by a certified trainer remotely or as an on-site seminar and are certified by Scrum Alliance (Scrum Master, Scrum Developer, Product Owner, Agile Leadership, Scrum Foundations), Kanban University (Kanban) or other well-known and internationally recognized companies. All trainings are conducted live on a specific date.

The online courses are recorded e-learning courses from Agile Academy trainers. Thus, the modules of these courses can be started and completed at any time. All online courses include a certificate from the course provider or conducting trainer.

What content is covered?

You can find an overview for each course on the course overview page. Here you can see which topics are covered in which module and how the course is generally structured.

How long does a course last?

The length of the courses varies between the individual topics. The online courses on the roles of Scrum Master, Product Owner and Agile Leader involve around 16 to 20 hours of self-study, while the foundation courses can be worked through in five to eight hours.

The courses themselves are divided into individual modules and lessons, which usually take between ten and 20 minutes to complete.

How long do you have access to the course?

Every course you purchase remains on the platform and in your profile. You can revisit a course at any time and work through it several times.

Why are the online courses only available in English?

The Agile Academy is a global education provider. It is also important to us that the content is always kept up to date and that we cover the latest developments in the courses. Because of this, it was important for us to use English in the first iteration of the courses. If you are using Chrome as your browser, you can view subtitles for the videos to support you.

Which course sequence is the best?

It is difficult to give a general answer to this question. If you already have previous experience and are interested in the knowledge of a specific role and the associated activities, the online courses for Scrum Master, Product Owner or Agile Leader are certainly the right choice for you.

If you are new to agile and you want to get to know the basics, the Agile Fundamentals, probably the most well-known agile frameworks, are available to you as an online course free of charge. The Scrum Fundamentals then cover the Scrum Framework, the associated roles and rituals, so that you can better understand them.

Are the online courses certified?

Upon successful completion of a course, participants receive a certificate from the partner company that created the e-learning online course.

Can I ask the trainer questions?

If you have any questions about the modules or need further information, you can send us or the trainers an e-mail. You will find the contact details of the respective trainer in your registered course.

In addition, we offer you the possibility to log in to the private Agile Academy Slack channel. Here all participants of the liver trainings as well as the online courses have the chance to exchange with each other as well as with the trainers.

Are there discounts for companies that send more than one participant to the course?

If you want to enroll more than five participants in a course, feel free to contact us and we will offer you licensing for the online courses in your company.

What if you don't like the course after all?

If you want to get an idea of the courses, we recommend you take a look at the free course offerings. In Scrum Fundamentals you can see how the courses are structured and you can familiarize yourself with the learning portal.

Agile Insights

What are the Agile Insights?

The Agile Insights are the follow-up to the agile100, an online conference on agile topics launched in May 2020. The Agile Insights present you internationally recognized experts, bestselling authors and thought leaders in their field. The Agile Insights aims to give people interested in agile the chance to learn from the best via video, articles and other offerings.

Who speaks at Agile Insights?

The speakers are really only united by the fact that they are thought leaders in their field. Regardless of whether the topics are leadership, product development, agile frameworks or psychology, neuroscience or marketing.

The speakers are pioneers in their field and experts in their field. We have already been able to convince several speakers from the Leaders50 or various bestseller lists to appear at Agile Insights.

Why do you have to register for Agile Insights in Conversation?

It's simple: We need to be able to plan the event and check how many participants will show up for the event. Also, we want to give attendees the chance to get the recordings of the presentations (if they are allowed by the speakers) of the event early. If you don't want to sign-up on the website, you can also join us via Meetup.

Why is the Agile Insights free of charge?

The Agile Academy wants to give everyone in the world the chance to educate themselves and learn from the best! We are proud to bring together participants from all continents, diverse time zones and countries and give everyone the chance to learn from each other.

In addition, the speakers all perform free of charge! It is thanks to them that Agile Insights can take place free of charge for the participants.

Our Trainers

Which trainer is the right one for me?

Our trainers are as diverse as the Agile Academy's offering. As a participant, you have the chance to choose what best suits your needs. Depending on their CV, some trainers have more of a background as developers, consultants or economists, while others are trained doctors, teachers or consultants, for example.

Accordingly, the trainings within the guidelines are peppered with plenty of practical examples from industries such as telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, media or automotive.

How can I become a trainer at the Agile Academy?

If you have an internationally recognized certificate as a trainer in the agile field and you would like to convince us with your skills, you can contact us at and tell us about your motivation.

In a first step, our team will check whether your certification and your training offer fit the platform. If this is the case, one of us will contact you immediately to discuss everything further.

Our Partner Agencies

What quality guidelines do the partner companies meet?

All partner companies undergo a multi-stage selection process. Here, it is checked whether the quality of the training and the offering is in line with the Agile Academy and the quality standards.

In addition, quality management using NPS is constantly carried out by the trainers themselves. The participants have the possibility to apply for a training afterwards.

Where are the partner companies located?

All partner companies and trainers are listed at: our Partner Page. Here you can get more information and see which trainer is the right one for you.

The trainers and companies are located all over the world. On our German page you will find trainers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, while the English page includes partner companies from Great Britain, the USA, Sweden or Iran and the Czech Republic.

Whether a training is conducted live as a remote training or at a specific location, you can see in the overview tables by means of the location information.

How do I become a partner of the Agile Academy?

If you are a certified trainer with a proven track record and you offer trainings that could be interesting for the Agile Academy, please send an email to We will review your documents and get back to you.

If you want to list your entire company as a partner, we need information such as the type of certification and the names of the other trainers you want to list with us.

Agile Academy Logo

Booking, Payment & Processing

I cannot attend the training / have to cancel. What do I have to do?

If you cannot attend a training at short notice, you should call the Agile Academy Partner. You can find the contact details on the page of the booked training. Depending on the terms and conditions of the partner company, corresponding fees may apply.

Where is my bill? / When will the invoice arrive?

The Agile Academy is an independent training provider. This means that the trainers send the invoices independently. As a rule, you will receive your invoice directly after booking or directly before the start of the booked training from the training provider.

If you have further questions about your invoice, we recommend that you take a look at the page of the booked training. Here you will find the contact details of your trainer or the training provider next to the booking.

Can I change a booked appointment?

As a rule, the partner companies and trainers are accommodating if you want to change your appointment within the valid deadlines. However, keep in mind that you are booking a training on a platform. This means that a change of the provider is not necessarily possible!

If a date does not suit you, feel free to contact the respective trainer and see how your question can be solved.

Where are the terms and conditions?

You can find the respective terms and conditions at our Partner Companies.

The Agile Academy is hosted by the Scrum Academy. If you have booked your training with Scrum Academy, you can find the T&Cs here.

Are there any discounts, coupons or benefits?

First of all: Currently, no Agile Academy provider offers cost absorption or funding through the employment agency / job center.

However, various trainers and partner companies are accredited for the Bildungscheck NRW or other funding institutions. Whether this applies to your chosen training, you can see in the tab "My benefits" or next to the booking form at the drop-down point to "Funding opportunities".

If you want to book for more than one participant, please contact the trainer in advance. You will find the contact details next to the booking form.

I am a self-payer, is there anything I can do?

Here, too, it's best to ask the trainer directly. You can also benefit from the different prices of the providers. The on-demand online courses, which you can also book through us, are also cheaper than the live (online-)courses.