About Us

Agile Academy is one of the industry’s leading providers of sustainable agile education and training.

Founded by Sohrab Salimi in 2010, our company is home to 8 employees and a network of over 30 trainers.

Together we have joined forces on the mission to make society not only more productive but also more humane and sustainable.

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Who We Are

The Team

Our team is dedicated to our ambitious goal of making society more productive, more humane and more sustainable. We live and breathe diversity with team members from different nationalities, speaking 12+ languages and having lived in 15 countries.

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Product Owner - Learning Management System

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Customer Success Manager

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Founder & CEO

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Why We Exist

The Mission

The challenge of our century is to make society not only more productive but also more humane and sustainable. We believe this requires a new mindset in how workplaces look like.

Work needs to have meaning beyond making money.

Work needs to be fulfilling.

And why should work not also be fun?

Having a healthy work environment results in healthy people who spread positive energy at home and within society.

Building workplaces where people love to come in on Mondays is what drives us. It’s an ambitious goal, but who said work should not also be challenging.


What We Do

Sustainable Agile Enablement at Scale

Our Sustainable Agile Enablement Journey allows us to address our client’s enablement challenges no matter whether it is a 10 person startup or a 100,000 person multinational corporation. Due to our unique combination of premium self-paced online courses and high-quality live instructor-led trainings we can teach thousands of people within a short period of time and enable them to succeed with agile ways of working.

Live Training
Live Training

Our Certified ScrumMaster®, Product Owner®, and Agile Leadership® training can kickstart the learning journey. Similar to a bootcamp they result in inspiration, alignment, and clarity around the journey ahead.

Self Study
Self Study

Our E-Learning has been designed based on a decade of experience teaching live courses. The courses can be used in addition or instead of a live training session. In any case, these courses result in sustainability.

Practice & Reflection
Practice & Reflection

All of our online courses include practical tipps, tools, and techniques that can be applied right away. In addition, they help the learner to reflect on their own and build a habit of continuous improvement.

Cohort Sessions
Cohort Sessions

Probably the most important aspect of learning is building a habit of learning. Small cohorts - which we gladly help you setup - are one of the best ways to ensure this. People will support and hold each other accountable.

Live Q&A Sessions
Live Q&A Sessions

Cohorts are also a great way to address specific questions around the content people are learning in self-study. Yet sometimes it requires an interaction with an experienced instructor - this is the aim of our live Q&A sessions.

Coaching Sessions
Coaching Sessions

These can be delivered to individuals and/or small groups on-the-job and specific to certain situations. Our coaching approach goes beyond mirroring back what we observe, we provide concrete advice to succeed.

Live Inspiration Sessions
Live Inspiration Sessions

Our network of renowned speakers (most of them acknowledged by Thinkers50) provide inspiring sessions connected and beyond the topics covered in our trainings and online courses.

Communities of Practice
Communities of Practice

These structures ensure the long-term success of any learning journey. Well-managed Communities of Practice result in continuous learning and improvement of their members.

Our Case Studies

Success Story MAN

Scrum4Hardware: How do you build a truck with innovative unique selling points in only 18 months if the regular cycle is at least 5 years?

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You Have Questions About Us or Our Portfolio?

Contact us with your special requirements and we are sure to offer you a custom, tailor-made solution for your training needs.

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