Certified Agile Leadership® Training

In this Certified Agile Leadership Seminar, we show you how to successfully master the tough demands of today's VUCA world (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) as a true Agile Leader. For this purpose, the Certified Agile Leadership Training is divided into up to three modules: Essentials, Teams, and Organizations.

If you want to develop yourself from an employee to a leader, this leadership training equips you with the tools and techniques for your next important career step.

  • Develop your competencies and skills as an agile leader
  • Learn to thrive in a complex and uncertain environment
  • Effectively help your organization develop an agile culture
Online and live: The perfect training.
The benchmark for professional agile training.
Professional, friendly, competent.
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Certified Agile Leadership

Credential: Certified Agile Leadership
Beginner level
  • Duration: min. 14hrs. (online), 16hrs. (on site)
  • Certified by: Scrum Alliance
  • Prerequisite: none
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Agile Leader Online Course

Sohrab Salimi
Sohrab Salimi

Your online course matching the training. Repeat and deepen the training content with 16 hours of video + assignments

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20.04. - 21.04.2023

Karim Harbott
Live Online
16 hours (2 days)
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11.05. - 12.05.2023

Karim Harbott
16 hours (2 days)
Early bird
2.749 €* 2.649 €*

08.06. - 09.06.2023

Karim Harbott
Live Online
16 hours (2 days)
Early bird
2.549 €* 2.449 €*

11.12. - 12.12.2023

Sohrab Salimi
Live Online
16 hours (2 days)
Early bird
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Your first step in Agile Leadership.
First live, then online.

Get inspiration and new ideas in our modular CAL training.

Then deepen your skills and improve your leadership with our online Agile Leader course.

With us, your training does not end with certification, but you get the chance to continuously improve as an agile leader.

About the training

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The CAL Live Training

Each Agile Leadership Live-Training is led by an experienced and certified Scrum Trainer. The trainers therefore also decide which certificate or certificate combination they offer in their training for agile leaders. 
In total, there are three individual certificates that can be offered alone or in combination. These are:

  • CAL Essentials: This is where you learn what matters to you as well as your colleagues and the company in order to thrive in a VUCA world. The fundamentals are usually at least touched on in each training, but are also a certification in their own right.
  • CAL Teams: Makes sense for any agile leader in a senior role. Here you learn the basics of agile leadership of independent teams.
  • CAL Organizations: Shows how the C-suite and corporate leadership should change in order for an agile transformation to be successful in the long term.

Most trainers offer a combination of all three trainings or at least the Essentials in combination with Team and Organization.

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Agile Leadership Agenda

Depending on the certificate combination, the subsections of the Certified Agile Leadership training first cover the Agile Leadership Essentials (CAL-E) and the historical context of leadership: Among other things, this covers how people and leadership styles have evolved over the last century and how to address this? Or, why the urgent need for agility has emerged in today's economy?
Discover the mindset and behaviors of the different leadership types Expert, Achiever, and Catalyst Leader here and classify yourself. Learn how each type impacts the effectiveness of your organization and how you can evolve from one level to the next.
In the training, you'll practice the 5-Step Catalyst Conversation, which you can use to positively impact every aspect of your work - and even your personal life. In the process, you'll also learn to balance your power styles and systematically identify win-win opportunities in conflict situations.

Learning content focused on the Agile context:

  • Economic and market factors that have led to agile approaches.
  • Complexity and uncertainty of modern markets and work and the related need for an agile approach
  • Historical management trends and their adaptation to the business environments of their time
  • Increasing employee engagement and focus on the customer to improve results and satisfaction

The Certified Agile Leadership certificate (CAL-T) deals with the implications of agile structures and agile leadership within teams, thus addressing both the roles and team dynamics you will encounter in your work as an agile leader. In summary, this covers topics such as:

  • What self-awareness of a leader and what leadership mentality does it take to lead effectively in an agile context?
  • Neuroscientific leadership in alignment with agile mindsets and improving leadership effectiveness.
  • Soliciting and incorporating feedback that helps you adapt your leadership behaviors
  • Catalyst Conversations and coaching through which you as a leader can integrate alternative perspectives, engage employees, and improve results

Next, it's about refocusing yourself as a leader on your business and its mission to create customer value. This is the third strand: Certified Agile Leadership - Organizations (CAL-O).

Here you have the opportunity to reflect on the culture, structures and processes in your organization to drive value creation and agility within it. Understanding the impact your focus as a leader has on the health, culture, and long-term performance of your organization is one of the goals of CAL-O.

Case studies of organizations from different corporate cultures will thus be scrutinized and examined in more detail. These companies are already using agile structures and patterns and are driving sustainable change with positive results.
In addition, there are diverse approaches to transforming companies in this seminar. 

The learning content focusing on companies:

  • Organizational challenges and solutions when you apply Agile principles to more than one team in your organization.
  • Increasing safety, trust and collaboration within and across teams to improve results
  • Organizational cultures, structures, and rules and how they hinder or enhance agility
  • Case studies of companies that are effectively using Agile to sustainably improve their results

Learning content focused on change:

Organizations as complex adaptive systems where uncertainty exists and change is pervasive
Organizational metrics (measures of success) that support or inhibit Agile and drive appropriate outcomes
Identify and reduce bottlenecks, obstacles, and friction within your own organization.

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The Online Course for Agile Leader

The online course for Agile Leaders is included in the booking of the live training. The goal is to prepare you for the Certified Agile Leader training and to give you the opportunity to deepen your knowledge and to apply it in practice.

The online course is based on the learning content and objectives of the live training, but allows you to delve deeper into the three sub-areas, consisting of the Essentials, Team and Organization blocks. 

Above all, the online course gives you the opportunity to engage with a variety of agile companies and their application of agile leadership. You can work through case studies and apply the lessons learned to your work.

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The Live Training Options

The Agile Academy offers you training both as live on-site training and in a remote environment. Each Trainer can decide whether the training will be held in their own or rented training rooms or as a remote solution.
So you can choose what suits you best for learning.

If the training form you want is not listed, please contact our service and we will try to find the best solution for you.

Frequently asked questions:

What will I learn at the Certified Agile Leadership Training?

In the agile leadership training you will see an exciting mix of practical tasks, case studies, fascinating background knowledge including tools and techniques. Through the lively exchange with participants from different industries and a lot of interaction and fun, you will learn how to gradually master the following challenges for yourself and your company:

  • You foster creativity, enthusiasm and commitment among colleagues.
  • You empower your employees to make profitable decisions.
  • You accelerate innovation and eliminate bureaucracy.
  • You achieve faster delivery of new products without pressure.
  • You reduce the risk for your company to be overtaken by new competitors.
  • You learn to hand over responsibility and finally have time for the other important tasks of a manager.

Which certificate combination is right for me?

The CAL-Essentials is an important foundation for becoming an agile leader. Here you learn what matters to you as well as to your colleagues and the company in order to survive in a VUCA world.

Certified Agile Leadership for Teams is also useful for any agile leader in a leadership role. Here you will learn the basics of agile leadership for independent teams.

At CAL Organizations, you'll learn how the C-suite and corporate leadership should change in order for an agile transformation to be successful in the long term. So if you are just looking for a small introduction to agile leadership, CAL-E may already be enough for you. But as soon as you also want to learn how Agile Leadership can be applied to individuals, teams, divisions and entire departments or companies, the complete three-part Certified Agile Leadership Seminar is the best solution for you.

Why are there three Agile Leadership badges or certificates?

The Certified Agile Leadership Training consists of up to three certificates in the first award level. Since the Agile Academy is an independent platform of partner companies, each trainer decides which certificates are part of the training.

The Certified Agile Leadership Seminar is split into Essentials (agile basics for leaders), Teams (leadership of individuals and groups) and Organizations (agile transformation of the company). All three certificates can be covered independently, as a duo or as a trio in the training. In addition, each trainer is free to include additional case studies, models and frameworks in their training.

I am not C-Level, can I still take the CAL course?

Yes, of course. The Certified Agile Leadership is for anyone who wants to know how leadership works in an agile organization. People in leadership roles or on their way to it will learn in the modules how they can manage to significantly advance the Agile transformation of a company.

In the training, you will be shown what a culture of learning and sustainable agility can do in your organization. You will be shown how to foster the emergence and performance of empowered teams and adapt management styles to effect positive change in your organization.

The Leadership Seminars are primarily aimed at individuals who want to create a "safe-to-fail" environment and an open and transparent culture in the company. You will learn how to face the digital transformation and how to successfully shape agile change in the company.

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