Duration: 9 hours of video + assignments
Content: 5 Module + 1 Quiz
Skill Level: Beginner
Business Agility Academy Award BAA Award
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Agile Project Management Online Course

Sohrab Salimi
Sohrab Salimi
Certified Scrum Trainer® (CST) with 10+ years of trainer experience

Many people claim that agile and project management cannot be reconciled. Agility refers to product development and projects are a relic from the 20th century... at least that's what they often say.

We have a different view!!! The agile principles of customer centricity, decentralization of decisions, focus through prioritization, flow efficiency and also agile leadership can be wonderfully applied in the context of projects and are therefore also helpful for project managers.

Here's what you'll get in this course:

  • Learn what agile project management is all about
  • Understand agile practices and fundamentals in project management
  • Lead agile teams to high performance

Word class teams improve & learn with our online courses:

Roche, L'Oreal, RTL, die Mobiliar, Charité
Sohrab is by far the best coach we have seen. He has both energy and great content. His course on agile project management is a great start for anyone looking to begin their agile journey.
Linus S.

9 Hours of Video + Assignments.
Expertise from 10+ Years of Experience.

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The Agile Project Management Online Course is used on a laptop device.

Agile Course Curriculum

  • Download and Use Your Workbook
  • Success Requires Commitment
  • How to Get The Most Out of This Course
  • Intro | What is Agility
  • Exercise | What Does Agility Mean
  • What Does Agility Mean
  • Exercise | Agile vs. Traditional Approaches to Work
  • Agile vs. Traditional Approaches to Work
  • Exercise | Agile Manifesto
  • The Agile Manifesto
  • The 12 Principles Behind the Agile Manifesto
  • Outro | What is Agility
  • Assignments
  • Intro | Design Thinking
  • Overview Design Thinking
  • Step 1: Empathize
  • Step 2: Define
  • Step 3: Ideate
  • Step 4: Prototype
  • Step 5: Test
  • Case Study: Truck
  • Case Study: Insulin Pen
  • Case Study: Online Courses
  • Outro | Design Thinking
  • Assignments
  • Intro | Scrum
  • Overview Scrum
  • Exercise | Roles in Scrum
  • Exercise | Scrum Master Responsibilities
  • Scrum Master Responsibilities
  • Exercise | Map the Responsibilities
  • Recipients of Scrum Master Services
  • Product Owner
  • Developer
  • Stakeholder
  • Exercise | Scrum Events
  • Product Backlog Refinement
  • Sprint Planning
  • Daily Scrum
  • Sprint Review
  • Sprint Retrospective
  • How to Conduct a Sprint Retrospective
  • Sprint Schedule
  • Artifacts Overview
  • Product Goal
  • Product Backlog
  • Definition of Ready
  • Sprint Goal
  • Sprint Backlog
  • Definition of Done
  • Product Increment
  • Sprint Burndown Chart
  • Outro | Scrum
  • Assignments
  • Intro | Kanban
  • Exercise | Multitasking
  • Debrief | Multitasking
  • Overview Kanban
  • Applying Kanban as Individuals
  • Applying Kanban as Teams
  • Applying Kanban as Organizations
  • Outro | Kanban
  • Assignments
  • Intro | Leadership
  • The Context for Agile Leadership
  • Brief History of Management
  • Intro | Leadership Agility Exercise
  • Exercise | Expert Leader
  • Debrief | Expert Leader
  • Exercise | Achiever Leader
  • Debrief | Achiever Leader
  • Exercise | Heroic Leadership
  • Debrief | Heroic Leadership
  • Exercise | Catalyst Leader
  • Debrief | Catalyst Leader
  • Overview of Leadership Agility Model
  • Leadership Agility for Project Managers
  • Outro | Agile Leadership
  • Assignments
  • Intro | Agile Project Management Quiz

Your Course Instructor

Sohrab Salimi
Sohrab Salimi

Scrum Academy GmbH

Sohrab is the founder and CEO of Scrum Academy GmbH and has been a Certified Scrum Trainer® and Certified Agile Leadership Educator with the Scrum Alliance for nearly ten years, where he served on the Board of Directors until the end of 2020.

His background as a management consultant at Bain & Company, his later role as Chief Innovation Officer at SE-Consulting, and Chairman of the Board at Venture Agile, as well as his and his medical degree, give Sohrab a holistic perspective on people and organizations during agile transformation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The goal of the Agile Project Management online course is to introduce project managers to agile so that they understand the frameworks, the terms and the principles. They should be able to use these things profitably in their projects and thus deliver value to stakeholders in shorter cycles.

Furthermore, we want to show project managers which roles e.g. in the Scrum framework are suitable for them. Depending on your preference, you can be involved as Scrum Master / Agile Coach, as Product Owner, as Developer or as Stakeholder in the agile product development.

To achieve both goals, this course starts with the context of Agile work and then dives deeper into Design Thinking, Scrum and Kanban. Finally, there is a module on Agile Leadership before the knowledge gained is tested in a quiz.

The "Agile Project Management" online course is primarily designed for project managers who want to improve the control of their projects with the help of agile methods.

In addition, however, the course is also suitable for all members of a project team who would like to learn about agile project management in order to contribute even better to the success of their project.

The course includes about 9 hours of video material and several practical exercises. We recommend that you plan enough time for this so that you can work through all the content at your leisure.

The course package also includes access to our Agile Academy Slack Community. Use the community to exchange ideas with other agile project managers worldwide and discuss your questions about the application of agile principles in project management. In the community you will also find our Agile Academy team, which will be happy to assist you as a contact person.

After successfully completing the online course, you will receive an award from the Business Agility Academy.

If you are interested in getting the Certified Scrum Product Owner certificate from Scrum Alliance or the Professional Scrum Product Owner I (PSPO 1) certification from Scrum.org, we recommend our Scrum Product Owner offerings.

If you have any questions about the certification of the Agile Academy online courses, just contact us. We will be happy to advise you if and which certification is most relevant for you.

Photo of Philip Rogowski - Customer Success Manager at Agile Academy

Philip Rogowski

Customer Success Manager

team@agile-academy.com +49 151 610 59 938 Mo-Fri.: 9am - 5pm

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