Certified Agile Leadership 2 (CAL-2) - Leadership Cohort

CAL 2 guides you as leaders in deepening, applying and sharing your knowledge of Agile Leadership.

The program is a continuation and extension of the Certified Agile Leadership training.

  • Peer-based remotely conducted leadership exchange program.
  • Validation of real-world experiences and shared learning of Agile leadership.
  • Reflection and growth as a leader in an agile organization.

Credential: Certified Agile Leadership 2
Target Group:
C-Level, Manager, Teamleads
weeks to months
Certified by:
Scrum Alliance
Advanced level

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Who are the advanced CAL-2 leadership programs for?

The CAL-2 cohorts are aimed at managers, leaders or consultants and coaches who are already accompanying an agile transformation or will be. Here you learn how to be open to constant change. You will learn how to lead self-organized teams and implement agile management techniques across the organization. Learning curves are accelerated and you learn how to carry out a sustainable transformation.

For this, the training teaches you how to establish an open mindset in the organization and create a culture of learning.


What do I need to sign up for CAL-2?

You can attend the in-depth CAL-2 training once you have at least two Certified Agile Leadership Training certificates. In this seminar you will deepen the knowledge you have learned in different modules over several weeks or months and analyze it within the group. This allows the group to learn from the practical experiences of individuals and to grow as an agile leader.

The experienced Scrum trainers will guide you and show you ways to become an even better agile leader and grow based on your experiences.


How long is the CAL-2 Cohort?

The CAL-2 training lasts between 3 months and a year. The modular structure helps you to take what you have learned directly into the company and apply it practically. In this way, it gives you the opportunity to analyze the results of your actions with the group and to work out further steps together.


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