Product Leadership, in Conversation with Marty Cagan

Tuesday, November 23rd was the beginning of our new "In Conversation" series where Sohrab Salimi (CEO of Scrum Academy GmbH and Certified Scrum Trainer at Agile Academy) invites thought leaders, authors and agile masterminds to talk about their favorite topics. Instead of doing four or five or ten sessions as a converence, we decided to concentrate on one speaker and one topic for the day.
Our aim is to interview one thought leader once a month for you. Each session will be announced at least two weeks in advance at the top of the Agile Insights page. This is also, where you can sign-up for the next event. Now you ask, why you have to sign-up for every event? This is because we need to plan in advance and because we want to give you the chance to be the first to hear about the recording of this event. If you sign-up, you will not only get the Zoom-Link to the webinar but also a mail afterwards with everything in regards to this conversation.

In Conversation with Marty Cagan

Marty Cagan is the Founder and Partner of the Silicon Valley Product Group and author of books like "INSPIRED: How to create products that customers love" and "EMPOWERED: Ordinary people, Extraordinary Products". Most recently he was the Senior Vice-President of product and design for eBay and he also worked for many Startups and Fortune 500 companies. Marty Cagan also teaches in his "INSPIRED: Product Manager and Product Team Workshop" and "EMPOWERED: Product Leadership Workshop" or the "LOVED: Product Marketing Workshop" that Sohrab Salimi, our host of the evening attended with other people from our Scrum Academy team.

In this Conversation, Marty shared a lot of his work and speaks about becoming better in Product Management through Product Leadership. You will learn a lot about his understanding of Product Leadership and why it helps to get better at what you do and what you achieve.

Product Leadership Recording

Marty Cagan and Sohrab Salimi in Conversation about Product Leadership

Learn more about Product Leadership

In the Video, Marty and Sohrab talk about the books and Articles from the SVPG. You can finde the articles at:

From Sohrab you might want to read:

Join us on December 7th for our next Conversation with Christian Meyer zu Natrup!

On December 7th, Sohrab will talk with Christian Meyer zu Natrup, Founder and Managing Director of MzN International.

Christian is a governance reform and organisational change expert, specialising in digital transformation and making non-profit organisations financially sustainable.

At MzN International, he leads the consulting and training work across 20 countries. He holds a postgraduate degree in international relations and is a qualified chartered accountant with more than 10 years of experience working in emerging economies and fragile contexts.

He continues with research in areas relating to development and aid. In 2015, together with Dr. Adrian Flint from the University of Bristol, Christian developed the concept of beneficiary-led aid.

Sounds interesting? You can sign-up now for this conversation between Christian and Sohrab!

And you can learn more about MzN International at their About us Page at:

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