Agile Leadership

In this Leadership Training, you will learn how to become a better Agile Leader! In addition, you can create your own path to becoming an Agile Leader! The trainers of our platform offer up to three module combinations in their trainings, from which you can choose. Depending on the provider, you will receive up to three certifications: Certified Agile Leadership Essentials (CAL-E), Certified Agile Leadership Teams (CAL-T) and Certified Agile Leadership Organizations (CAL-O). 

Agility at the team level is probably clear... But what does agility mean at the organizational level? What is business or organizational agility all about? How does the role of the manager change? Or does it disappear altogether as teams become increasingly self-organized?

The Agile Academy's Agile Leadership Training gives you answers to these questions. At no time do we give you a blueprint to copy, but rather we primarily teach principles and values that you can use to structure an organization or act as a leader.

Certified Agile Leadership® ›

The Certified Agile Leadership Training shows you how to lead in an agile way. In up to three modules, we show you which tasks and challenges await leaders in the agile framework and how you can get the best out of your employees. Here you will learn how to achieve faster and more sustainable success and how to inspire your Scrum teams.

The key to success lies with you, in your role as a leader!

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Certified Agile Leadership 2 ›

With the Certified Agile Leadership training you have already gained insights into new ways of thinking and behaving that enable you to work in an agile way and thus take the first important step on your Agile Leadership Journey. However, a 2-day workshop is not enough to build leadership competence. Because only the extension of the learning to practical work builds agile leadership competence. Are you ready for your further journey as an agile leader? Then our Certified Agile Leadership 2 program is just right for you!

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