Scrum Foundations

With the certified Scrum Foundations training from Scrum Alliance you start your agile journey towards becoming a Scrum Master (CSM®), Product Owner (CSPO®) or Agile Developer (CSD®).

In this foundational training course you will acquire the necessary knowledge about Scrum, the roles, principles and practices, as well the agile way of working and thinking.

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The Scrum Foundations training

Scrum Foundations | Basics for a successful certification

Scrum is by far the best known and successful agile framework for better and more innovative product development. It is easy to describe but known to be difficult to implement.

Here you will not only learn the benefits of Scrum and Agility, how Scrum works, but also what is needed so that Scrum can develop its full potential. This includes values and principles that form the basis of the so-called agile mindset.

After the training you will have mastered the basis for your agile journey and will be in a better position to understand where Scrum makes sense and where not. You will also understand that Scrum is not limited to IT projects, but that it can be applied to any kind of innovative product development. Ultimately, the differences between classical and agile project management will be clear.

Target audience: who are the participants?

This training course is primarily aimed at not only Scrum novices, leadership executives with a classic management education like project or product managers, but also actual product developers who will be working in an agile context and considering how they can benefit most from Scrum. 

  • Product developers such as programmers, software architects, business analysts, testers, Q&A, DevOps, designers and UX specialists
  • Executives, project managers, product managers

These trainers offer this course:

Marc Bless

Trainer / Coach

Christian Zander

Certified Scrum Professional® & Certified Scrum Trainer®

How do I obtain the certificate?

After completing the course, you will receive a certificate of participation from the Scrum Alliance (Scrum Alliance is the world's largest agile certification provider and is also responsible for further certifications such as CSM® and CSPO®) in the form of a digital badge, registered and verified by BadgeCert. You can use this digital badge on LinkedIn, Facebook or other social networks and it can be checked directly.

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