Kanban System Design

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Unlocking the full potential of your team requires more than just tools—it demands a deep dive into the mechanics of your workflow. At Agile Academy, we guide you through this exploration with our Kanban System Design course, illuminating the path to streamlined processes and enhanced collaboration.

With the Agile Academy Kanban System Design training, you'll:

  • Embark on a transformative journey, delving into the foundational concepts of The Kanban Method.
  • Gain insights into identifying bottlenecks and crafting Kanban systems that resonate with your team's dynamics.
  • Get your certificate of completion from the Kanban University, marking your proficiency.
  • Benefit from hands-on examples and real-world scenarios, ensuring you're equipped to implement what you learn.
  • Elevate your team's efficiency and communication by mastering the nuances of Kanban.
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Kanban System Design

Credential: Kanban System Design
Beginner level
  • Duration: min. 14hrs. (online), 16hrs. (on site)
  • Certified by: Kanban University
  • Prerequisite: none
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Upcoming Kanban System Design (KSD) Training Sessions

2 events

01.11. - 03.11.2023

Tom Reynolds
Live Online
16 hours (3 days)
Credential: Kanban System Design
Kanban System Design (Kanban University)
Early bird
1.449 €* 1.349 €*

12.12. - 14.12.2023

Tom Reynolds
Live Online
16 hours (3 days)
Credential: Kanban System Design
Kanban System Design (Kanban University)
Early bird
1.449 €* 1.349 €*

Our Kanban System Design (KSD) Training

Pathway to Kanban Management Professional Certification

Embarking on the Agile Academy Kanban System Design training is the first step towards mastering the art of optimizing your team's workflow. This two-day in-person or 16-hour virtual course immerses you in the principles and practices of The Kanban Method.

While the journey to Kanban mastery is comprehensive, our expert trainers ensure you're well-equipped to navigate it. Through this training, you'll learn to visualize workflows, enhance processes, and pinpoint areas needing improvement. Completing this course, followed by the Kanban Systems Improvement (KSI) training, will earn you the prestigious Kanban Management Professional (KMP) credential from the Kanban University, marking your expertise in the field

Agenda for Kanban System Design (KSD) Training

In the realm of process management and optimization, the Kanban System Design training stands out as a pivotal course for professionals eager to refine their operational strategies. Agile Academy's KSD curriculum offers a comprehensive exploration of Kanban, focusing on its transformative potential for teams and businesses.

What You'll Explore:

Core Concepts of The Kanban Method:

Begin your exploration with the foundational elements of Kanban. Discover its unique approach to streamlining work processes, setting the stage for the KSD certification journey.

Work Visualization & Process Dynamics:

Uncover the power of work representation in Kanban. Learn how clear depictions of tasks can foster enhanced team synchronization and operational efficiency.

Strategizing with Pull Systems:

Dive into the world of "Pull" systems. Grasp their role in minimizing overburdening and ensuring a smooth, uninterrupted workflow.

Metrics-Driven Continuous Enhancement:

Harness the potential of key indicators like Lead Time and Cumulative Flow Diagrams. Understand their significance in driving perpetual improvements and refining your Kanban system.

Kanban System Design & STATIK Approach:

Master the art of crafting a Kanban system that resonates with your team's dynamics using the STATIK methodology. Delve into its nuances and its impact on workflow optimization.

Experiencing Kanban Through Simulation:

Engage in a hands-on simulation of a Kanban system. This immersive experience ensures you're primed to translate theory into actionable insights in real-world settings.

Overcoming Kanban Implementation Hurdles:

Benefit from the wisdom of our seasoned trainers as they shed light on potential challenges in the Kanban journey. Equip yourself with strategies to navigate these challenges, ensuring your KSD endeavors are always on track.

Bring Your Own Ideas & Questions

We encourage participants to bring their questions to the training. Any question and real-world example from your side will make everything you and others learn more tangible. It will also result in more energy throughout the training which is connected to better learning.

Frequently Asked Questions About KSD

Yes, attendees of the Kanban System Design training are expected to have read either “Kanban” by David J Anderson or “Kanban from the Inside” by Mike Burrows. Familiarizing yourself with these texts will provide a foundational understanding, ensuring you get the most out of the training.

Upon successful completion of the Kanban System Design course, participants will receive a certificate of completion from the Kanban University. Additionally, students who complete this course and the Kanban Systems Improvement course will earn the Kanban Management Professional (KMP) credential.

If you're looking to be directly involved in designing and managing a Kanban system, the KSD training is ideal for you. It's especially beneficial for those working with teams that have plateaued in their improvements. However, if you're very new to Kanban concepts, you might consider taking Team Kanban Practitioner course first. Your choice should align with your starting point and your professional goals.

To become a Kanban Management Professional (KMP), you'll need to complete two essential courses: the Kanban System Design (KSD) and the Kanban Systems Improvement (KSI). After successfully finishing both trainings, you'll be awarded the prestigious KMP credential from the Kanban University. It's a testament to your comprehensive understanding of the Kanban Method and your capability to design and improve Kanban systems effectively.

The Kanban System Design training is offered in two formats: an in-person two-day course or a 16-hour virtual course. Both formats are designed to provide comprehensive insights into the Kanban System Design methodology.

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