Kanban System Improvement (KSI) Training & Kanban Management Professional (KMP)

Deepen your methodological knowledge from the previous Kanban System Design course with this training in Kanban System Improvement and get the Kanban Management Professional (KMP) certificate from Kanban University.

  • Become a certified Kanban Management Professional with the two system courses
  • Learn effective management using Kanban values
  • Develop strong service orientation in your organization

Credential: Kanban System Improvement
Target Group:
Projektmanager, Produktmanager
min. 14 Std (online) bzw. 16 Std. vor Ort
Certified by:
Kanban University
Beginner level

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What do I learn in the KSI training?

You get an insight into the extensive Kanban method toolbox. You learn to support improvement processes and to create realistic plans on an empirical basis. After this training you will be able to independently use the levers that Kanban offers for improvement in the company.

Prerequisite for participation is the successful attendance of the Kanban System Design Training.

The following Kanban topics will be deepened in the KSI training:

  • Designing an effective information flow: The 7 Kanban cadences Dealing with resistance to WIP limits
  • Understanding asymmetric commitments
  • Rollout phases of a Kanban initiative
  • Developing service orientation in an organization
  • Understanding and using lead times, risk classes, and variability Kanban values: shifting perspectives for Kanban system implementation A Scrumban case study
  • Effective management of evolutionary change

Who can participate in the KSI Training?

Kanban System Improvement is the second step to becoming a Kanban Management Professional (KMP). To achieve this certification, you must first successfully complete the Kanban System Design (KSD) and then this Kanban System Improvement (KSI) course.

While the KSD explains the basics of the Kanban method and shows you practically how to apply Kanban in your company, the KSI helps you to deepen the knowledge you have learned and to develop into a Kanban Management Professional.


Why are some KSI trainings longer than others?

The Agile Academy is a platform of independent, curated training providers. As such, all trainers can choose how they want to deliver their training as part of the certification requirements. While some trainers like to teach half-day over several days, there are also block events over two days.


Will I receive a Kanban certificate for the KSI training?

Yes. Participants who successfully complete both the introductory Kanban Systems Design course and this training will receive the official Kanban Management Professional (KMP) certification from Kanban University.

The KMP is next to the Kanban Team Practitioner (KTP), the second basic certification in the Kanban Method and brings the Kanban Foundations to a close. Afterwards you are free to develop strategically or formally in the advanced categories of the Kanban Method.


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