Online education in times of COVID-19: Agile Academy offers virtual live trainings.


No matter if you just want to start with Kanban or if you already use Kanban actively in your work. With our Kanban training, which is certified by the LeanKanban University, everyone will find the right course to further perfect the use of Kanban as a method to visualize and continuously improve your processes.

Get started with the Kanban System Design (KMP I), which teaches you the necessary basics and principles of Kanban. 

Afterwards you can get deeper into practice with the Kanban Systems Improvement (KMP II) and improve your own system continuously. In this course you will also learn scaling techniques.

The successful completion of both modules makes you a Kanban Management Professional.

The certified and experienced trainers of the Agile Academy will give you the most important building blocks for the successful use of Kanban in your company. You learn how to visualize your processes and how to improve them continuously. 

The exact contents and information about the training courses can be found on the respective dedicated page of the training.

Kanban System Design »KSD« (Modul I) ›

Learn to understand Kanban and use it meaningfully at work. In this workshop we will explain the principles, techniques and benefits of the Kanban method.

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Trainings: Kanban System Design »KSD« (Modul I)
Currently no dates available. Contact us if you are interested.

Kanban Management Professional (Modul II) («KMP») ›

The second training for the certification as "Kanban Management Professional" focuses on the practical introduction of your Kanban system and how you can initiate and continuously improve it.

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Trainings: Kanban Management Professional (Modul II) («KMP»)
Currently no dates available. Contact us if you are interested.