Kanban System Design

In this Kanban training you will learn everything important about your start with Kanban: the practices, principles, meetings and the system. We show you how to visualize your processes on the Kanban board and what is meant by a value chain. You will get helpful tips and tricks to deal effectively with obstacles and to avoid multitasking. With the help of the participants' examples we will design Kanban systems and discuss further topics.

Upcoming Kanban System Design trainings:

Trainings: Kanban System Design

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The Kanban System Design training

In our Kanban training the participants learn to understand and implement Kanban in their own context.  The target groups are e.g. project managers, process managers and other executives, but also all those who want to start working with Kanban in their teams or want to make their existing Kanban system more efficient.

Course contents

  • Kanban Basics: Principles, Practices, System, Meetings
  • Kanban boards for the visualization of processes
  • Individual possibilities of visualization
  • What is a value chain and how can it be improved with Kanban?
  • Solutions for impediments and multitasking 
  • Kanban system examples and other topics according to the wishes of the participants

Kanban certification

This 2-day Kanban Workshop is structured according to the guidelines of Lean Kanban University (LKU). After 2 successful training days you a participant you will receive the participant certificate KMP Foundation I. With this training you have made the first step to gain the internationally recognized certification Kanban Management Professional (KMP).

These trainers offer this course:

Rudolf Gysi

Accredited Kanban Trainer

Dieter Strasser

Agile Project Trainer/Coach