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The Scrum Product Owner role: Tasks, personality check & training

scrum product owner role

You want to become a Scrum Product Owner in order to bring your passion into the company and convince everyone of new products and features? A very good decision, but: What tasks and responsibilities does this exciting role in Scrum actually entail? And how do you make sure to align the demands of customers and stakeholders with the results of the development team?

In this article, we'll give you a brief & concise introduction to the tasks of the Product Owner and show you which characteristics you need for a successful start in your new role. Would you like to know right away which seminars we offer regarding the Product Owner? Just have a look at our training overview.

All Product Owner tasks at one glance:

  • Develop inspiring product visions and make them understandable for stakeholders and the development team: Why should the product be created? What problems does it solve for whom?
  • Write down stakeholder requirements and ideas for the product from the user's point of view, e.g. in the form of user stories
  • Analyze and assess: What business value does a user story have and how much development effort does it require?
  • Keep making decisions: Which user stories will be realized and which won't?
  • Prioritize: Which user stories will be worked on in the next sprint?
  • Compare development results with acceptance criteria: Was the right thing built correctly?
  • Ensure fluent & functioning communication with and between stakeholders and the team
  • Continually optimize the value of the work done by the development team and ensure that product goals and missions are achieved.

These are the most common and important product owner tasks, but of course you can expect many more exciting aspects. In our Product Owner trainings you will also learn about backlog grooming and refinement as well as expectations and stakeholder management.

Which characteristics should a Product Owner have? The personality check:

If you cover most of the following characteristics, you are perfectly suited for the Product Owner role:

  • communicative, open and respectful in dealing with people
  • visionary, imaginative and creative
  • passionate about getting others excited about something
  • good at analyzing, assessing & prioritizing
  • remain focused and keep the overview
  • strong assertiveness and the ability to say no
  • courageous, open and interested in improvement and ongoing development
  • realistic and absolutely honest
  • deep understanding of your product domain

Overview of all our Scrum Master trainings:

At you can now find compact seminars about the Product Owner role, in which you receive the theoretical training, numerous practical exercises and - after successful participation - your certification. You can book the following Product Owner trainings:

Certified Scrum Product Owner®

Our Certified Scrum Product Owner® training will give you deep insights into agile planning, estimation und leadership for product owners, scrum masters, customers, product managers or sales consultants.

The participants of our product owner course will not only benefit from the various experiences of the different trainers, they will also get to experience the interaction and energy in the training.

After our Certified Scrum Product Owner® course, you will be able to lead your own agile project (with the help of your Scrum team) from the product vision to the successful completion – even beyond software development.

Find a Certified Scrum Product Owner® course
Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner

Follow the Scrum Alliance's "path to CSP" with this Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner® (A-CSPO) course. With this workshop you will take your knowledge about Scrum and the Product Owner role to the next level and you will learn to become an even better Product Owner to create better development teams and better products.

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Design Thinking

With the help of the Design Thinking method you learn to understand your users and to develop new products, prototypes and ideas from this knowledge. Design Thinking also helps you to make better decisions and prioritize the resulting multitude of great ideas.

Our Design Thinking workshop teaches you what you need to know to get started.

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