Professional Scrum Product Owner II

Our Advanced Bundle: Live Training, PSPO II Certificate + 1 Online Course of Your Choice

The Professional Product Owner II (PSPO II) is an advanced training package designed to elevate your Scrum expertise. This comprehensive learning package includes live training with PSPO 2 certification, accompanied by an online course of your choice. By undertaking this training, you don’t just prepare for your PSPO II certification exam but also:

  • Deepen Your Expertise: Dive deeper into the realm of Scrum Product Ownership and master advanced techniques and practices.
  • Tackle Real-world Challenges: Learn how to effectively approach genuine product management challenges and discover optimal solutions.
  • Experience Beyond Just Theory: Benefit from hands-on scenarios and simulations that prepare you for real-world situations.
  • Expand Your Network: Engage with like-minded individuals and broaden your professional network in the agile environment.
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Professional Scrum Product Owner II

Credential: Professional Scrum Product Owner II
Advanced level
  • Duration: min. 14hrs. (online), 16hrs. (on site)
  • Certified by:
  • Prerequisite: Basic knowledge is assumed, PSPO I is recommended
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One online course of your choice

By booking this training you will get free access to an online course of your choice.


Upcoming PSPO Advanced Training

3 events

10.10. - 11.10.2024

Ralph Jocham
Live Online
16 hours (2 days)
Credential: Professional Scrum Product Owner II
Professional Scrum Product Owner II (
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22.10. - 23.10.2024

Ralph Jocham
Live Online
16 hours (2 days)
Credential: Professional Scrum Product Owner II
Professional Scrum Product Owner II (
Early bird
1.799 €* 1.699 €*

09.12. - 10.12.2024

Ralph Jocham
Live Online
16 hours (2 days)
Credential: Professional Scrum Product Owner II
Professional Scrum Product Owner II (
Early bird
1.799 €* 1.699 €*
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Our Advanced Product Owner Training

With Certificate

Discover the difference with the Agile Academy! Our PSPO 2 Certification offering extends beyond ordinary training:

With us, you'll experience an intense, interactive live training that prepares you perfectly and leads directly to certification. But it doesn't stop there. Thanks to our sustainable learning concept, you also gain access to one of our Agile Academy online courses of your choice.

This allows you to solidify your knowledge flexibly and profoundly even after the training and certification, ensuring that you not only master the theory but also live it in practice.

By choosing our learning package, you're investing in a genuine, agile future as a proficient Product Owner. vs. Scrum Alliance Certification

At Agile Academy, we offer both the Professional Scrum Product Owner II (PSPO II) certification (including training) as well as the Scrum Alliance Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner® (A-CSPO) courses.

Choosing between the two certifications largely depends on your individual preferences and the desired focus. For instance, it can generally be said that workshops are more centered on software development, while the Scrum Alliance adopts a more holistic approach. You can find more details about the differences in the FAQ section further down on this page.

The Product Owner Trainings Agenda Image

Agenda of the Professional Scrum Product Owner 2 Course

Our PSPO II Advanced Training, designed to prepare you for the subsequent PSPO 2 certification exam, aims to instill a deeper understanding and practical skills in Scrum Product Ownership.

Here’s what our Professional Scrum Trainer will cover:

1. Advanced Product Backlog Management

Product Backlog Management is the heart of product development in Scrum. In this section, participants will delve deep into the intricacies of efficiently prioritizing, managing, and refining a Product Backlog. The focus will be on ensuring that the development team is always aligned with the most valuable features, understanding the importance of regular backlog grooming, and techniques to keep the backlog lean and actionable.

2. Stakeholder Management

Stakeholders play a pivotal role in the success of any product. This section will provide insights into understanding the diverse needs and expectations of various interest groups. Participants will learn effective communication techniques tailored for different stakeholder types and strategies to actively engage them throughout the development process, ensuring their feedback is incorporated and they are invested in the product's success.

3. Value Maximization and Measurement

Value delivery is the cornerstone of Scrum. In this module, participants will explore the various techniques for determining product value, from customer feedback to data-driven metrics. They will learn how to identify key performance indicators (KPIs) that align with product goals and how to monitor these metrics consistently to ensure the product is on the right track.

4. Product Vision and Strategy

A compelling product vision acts as a north star, guiding the development team and stakeholders. This section will delve into the nuances of crafting and maintaining a clear, inspiring product vision. Participants will learn how to translate this vision into an actionable strategy, adapt it based on market changes, and ensure it remains aligned with organizational goals.

5. Handling Complexity and Uncertainty

The world of product development is rife with uncertainties. This module will address the various challenges associated with product development, from changing market dynamics to evolving customer needs. Participants will be equipped with techniques and best practices to navigate these uncertainties, ensuring they can pivot effectively and keep the product aligned with its goals.

6. Roles and Responsibilities in an Expanded Scrum Context

Scrum is a collaborative framework, and understanding the roles and responsibilities within it is crucial. This section will shed light on the collaboration and interaction dynamics between the Product Owner, other Scrum roles, and how to coordinate with multiple teams, especially in larger organizational structures. Participants will gain insights into effective cross-team communication and alignment strategies.

7. Advanced Practices and Techniques

The world of Scrum is ever-evolving, and staying updated with the latest practices is essential. This concluding section will introduce participants to various advanced practices and techniques that can bolster a Product Owner's effectiveness. From advanced backlog refinement techniques to stakeholder engagement strategies, participants will be equipped to handle diverse scenarios with confidence.

Bring Your Own Ideas & Questions

We encourage participants to bring their questions to the training. Any question and real-world example from your side will make everything you and others learn more tangible. It will also result in more energy throughout the training which is connected to better learning.

FAQ's About the PSPO II

PSPO II, often written as PSPO 2, stands for "Professional Scrum Product Owner II", which is the official name of the certification for advanced Product Owners.

1. PSPO-A and Training

PSPO-A, also frequently referred to as PSPO-A Training, denotes "Professional Scrum Product Owner - Advanced Training.", as the certifying organization, names its associated training courses this way. While these training courses are recommended for obtaining the Professional Scrum Product Owner II certification, they are not mandatory.

2. Agile Academy's Approach

At Agile Academy, we firmly believe that the goal shouldn't just be about obtaining a certificate. Instead, it's crucial to continually evolve and learn in the Product Owner role. This is why we offer all certifications exclusively in conjunction with a training program.

3. Sustainable Learning

To make the learning process as sustainable as possible, when you train with us, you'll also receive access to an online course of your choice from the Agile Academy E-Learning course catalog.

Effective PSPO 2 preparation encompasses several key strategies to ensure that candidates are both theoretically and practically prepared for the exam and subsequent challenges.

1. Efficient Training

Efficient training is key to passing the PSPO II exam. At the Agile Academy, we offer a comprehensive PSPO Advanced Training that is specifically designed to optimally prepare you for the Level 2 certificate.

2. Experienced Trainers

When selecting our trainers, we pay particular attention to ensuring they have adequate experience and have proven themselves as industry-tested experts with in-depth knowledge of Scrum and Product Ownership. Thus, all our trainers bring not only theoretical concepts but also real-life experiences to the course.

3. Meticulous Curriculum Design

All our Professional Scrum Trainers design their curriculum for the Professional Scrum Product Owner II certificate training meticulously, covering the focus areas of the PSPO II exam while also providing practical insights.

4. Interactive Learning

We place great emphasis on ensuring that you learn interactively with a training course at the Agile Academy. So, it's not just about theory! Through group discussions, case studies, and simulations, we ensure that you can apply what you've learned in a practical context.

5. Additional Resources

In addition to pure course content, most trainers offer additional resources such as practice questions and mock tests to help you specifically prepare for the exam. Simply speak to your trainer during the training about this.

6. Online Resources and Forums

In addition to training, experts often recommend using online resources, forums, and discussion groups. These often provide valuable insights, recommendations, and tips from other candidates and already certified Product Owners.

7. Official Guidelines

It is also helpful to review the official PSPO 2 exam questions and guidelines from to ensure you have a clear understanding of what is expected in the exam.

In short, training at the Agile Academy ideally equips you to not only master the PSPO II exam with flying colors but also subsequently excel in your role as an experienced Product Owner.

The PSPO II (Professional Scrum Product Owner Level II) and A-CSPO (Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner) are both advanced certifications for Scrum Product Owners. While both aim to deepen the knowledge and skills of a Product Owner, there are notable differences between them. Here's a direct comparison of the two certifications:

1. Organization

The PSPO II certification is offered by, whereas the A-CSPO certification is issued by the Scrum Alliance. Both organizations are highly respected in the agile community.

2. Prerequisites

PSPO II: It is recommended to have the PSPO I certification beforehand, though it's not strictly required.

A-CSPO: The Scrum Alliance requires holders to have the CSPO certification and a certain amount of practical experience as a Product Owner before qualifying for the A-CSPO.

3. Course Structure and Content

PSPO II: The training focuses on advanced Product Owner topics but also includes extensive content on value maximization, stakeholder management, and advanced techniques for Product Backlog management.

A-CSPO: This course deepens existing knowledge and builds on it by providing advanced skills and techniques for stakeholder interaction, Product Backlog management, and product strategy development.

4. Examination and Certification

PSPO II: To obtain the certification, one must pass an examination. There's no mandatory training, although it is recommended.

A-CSPO: The Scrum Alliance places a stronger emphasis on education and hands-on experience. A formal examination isn't always required, but a work requirement or proof of acquired skills and knowledge might be necessary.

5. Validity/Renewal

PSPO II: Once passed, the certification remains valid indefinitely.

A-CSPO: This certification needs to be renewed every two years, coupled with a requirement to accumulate SEUs (Scrum Education Units). These SEUs can be earned through active engagement in the Agile community, reading professional books, attending conferences, or even through additional trainings, such as an Agile Academy online course.

While both certifications are valuable and convey a deeper understanding of the Product Owner's role, the choice should be made based on individual goals, preferred organization ( vs. Scrum Alliance), and specific requirements.

No, there is no practice exam, but instead, there is a multiple-choice exam from for the PSPO II (Professional Scrum Product Owner Level II) certification. This PSPO 2 exam aims to assess candidates' advanced knowledge and understanding of the Scrum Product Owner's role.

1. Content

The exam covers more advanced aspects of Product Ownership within the Scrum framework, including Stakeholder Management, Product Vision and Strategy, Advanced Product Backlog Management, and more.

2. Format

The PSPO exam questions are in a multiple-choice format, which may also include some scenario-based PSPO II exam questions. Some questions have multiple correct answers that need to be selected accordingly.

3. Duration

The exam is timed at one hour (60 minutes), during which you need to answer all the questions. Once you start, it's not possible to pause the test. Hence, we recommend ensuring that you'll be able to answer questions attentively and without interruptions before beginning.

4. Passing Score

From a pool of questions, you'll be presented with 40 to answer. To pass, you must correctly answer at least 85% of the questions. For questions with multiple correct answers, partial points can be credited.

5. Preparation

Although the PSPO II test is considered more challenging than the PSPO I exam, there's no need for concern. With your active participation in the training, you'll be well-prepared and likely to excel in the test.

6. Certification

Upon successfully passing the exam, you'll receive the PSPO II certificate from

Certification for Teams & Companies

PSPO 2 Course as In-house Training

Booking a PSPO II in-house training provides several advantages, especially for larger corporations:

  • Cost Savings: We offer in-house training for groups as small as 8 participants, which often turns out to be more economical than enrolling each participant individually in public sessions.
  • Customized Learning: The content can be tailored specifically to meet the needs of the group and the organization.
  • Team Building: Learning together promotes team cohesion and knowledge-sharing among members.
  • Flexibility: During preparation, dates are set according to the company's operational needs.
  • Confidentiality: Internal matters can be incorporated into the training, ensuring they remain within the company.

We look forward to receiving your request for an in-house PSPO II certification training and are happy to provide you with a suitable offer.

Request In-house Training

PSPO-A Schulung mit Mengenrabat

Starting with three simultaneous registrations, we offer you and your colleagues attractive discounts! This enables even smaller teams to learn in a cost-effective manner while maintaining complete flexibility.

The bonus: The discounts are not exclusively for PSPO II training. You can select from our entire training portfolio and combine various courses. Whether it's PSPO II, Scrum Master, or other Agile Live Trainings – you have the freedom to choose and always benefit from our volume discount.

For simultaneous bookings of up to four individuals in the same training session, you can make the reservation directly via our booking form. We automatically apply the volume discount when creating the invoice.

If you wish to register multiple individuals for different training sessions and/or dates, just send us a quick email. We'll handle the administrative work and ensure the discount is applied when invoicing.

Solutions for teams & companies

Contact us with your special requirements and we are sure to offer you a custom, tailor-made solution for your training needs.

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What is Next After The Professional Scrum Product Owner II?

Having successfully completed the PSPO II certification, you've already gained a deep understanding and advanced skills in the realm of Product Ownership within Scrum. Yet, there are further avenues to advance your career and knowledge:

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With the Professional Scrum Product Owner™ III training, gain an even deeper understanding of the responsibilities of the Product Owner and the Scrum values. Hone your skills in dealing effectively with a variety of complex team and organizational structures.

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With our Certified Agile Leadership training, you can expand your leadership skills as a Product Owner, thereby taking even better responsibility for the successful development of your product.

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