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What does the Scrum Master do? All tasks at one glance

scrum master role

You are interested in the role of the Scrum Master and you would like to know which tasks and responsibilities are connected to this important job in Scrum? In the following article we do not only provide you with a ScrumMaster role description, but also lead you through the exciting tasks of this important Scrum team member step by step. Maybe you are the perfect Scrum Master? We'll tell you what you should bring along to become the soul of the Scrum team.

In the training overview you will find a number of exciting courses for your career as a Scrum Master.

Chick check: The Scrum Master...

  • identifies and removes obstacles that interfere with the Scrum team on their way to achieving their Scrum goal.
  • protects the team from external interruptions.
  • facilitates and resolves conflicts between the team, the product owner and external stakeholders as well as within the team.
  • coaches the team to solve problems independently and organize themselves.
  • analyzes metrics and performance of the team and communicates them to the team for greater motivation and further development.
  • administratively manages the Scrum process so the team can focus on achieving the Sprint goal.
  • acts as the emphatic soul of the team that holds everything together.

Which characteristics should a Scrum Master have? The personality check:

The description of the Scrum Master role is not only quite extensive and can easily fill a full-time position, it is also a very big responsibility: If the Scrum Master feels overburdened with his role and is permanently stressed, this mood is usually transferred to the Scrum team. That's why it's important to ask yourself whether the task suits you and your type before you start your journey to become a Scrum Master.

As a Scrum Master you should have the following qualities and experiences:

  • Great empathy and emotional intelligence
  • Experience with teamwork and passion for working with people
  • Confident appearance in order to be able to represent various interests
  • Strong communication skills and experience when it comes to facilitation
  • Motivating, inspiring personality
  • Flexibility to react to unusual situations in innovative ways

Of course, no one is a perfect Scrum Master right away. But the good news is that you can learn how to become a great Scrum Master! If your personality fits the requirements mentioned above, but you have never been in contact with the tasks of the Scrum Master before, you can easily and quickly learn to become a Scrum Master at our Scrum Academy. We will teach you to become a professional in a short time, so that you will soon be able to take off with full power as a Scrum Master.

Overview of all our Scrum Master trainings:

Certified Scrum Master®

In our Certified Scrum Master training we deal with the key elements of Scrum: the values and principles, roles and practices. Although these elements are quite easy to learn, their implementation in the everyday work can be tough. This Scrum Master Certification is all about gaining a deep understanding for the essentials of Scrum – a Scrum mindset with which upcoming problems can be solved. We cover all topics from the product vision to the final product – even beyond software development.

After the successful participation in our Certified Scrum Master® course, you will understand the tasks of the scrum master role and are prepared to use Scrum in your project.

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Retrospective in a Nutshell

Retrospectives are essential for continuous improvement. What is a retrospective? How does it work? During this one-day workshop you will learn important theoretical basics about retrospectives and practice them based on case studies.

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Advanced Certified ScrumMaster

Follow the Scrum Alliance's 'Path To CSP' program with this Advanced Certified Scrum Master (A-CSM) class that will take your knowledge of Scrum and the ScrumMaster role to the next level. Once you successfully complete this class, you will be able to demonstrate that you can work with and facilitate dialogue within teams. You will learn how to become a truly effective coach for your team, your product owner and your organisation.

In this unique two-day Advanced Certified ScrumMaster (A-CSM) training course in Cologne, Germany we will help you take your Scrum Mastery skills from good to great as you learn what it takes to create a self-organising team, embed Scrum within your organisation and become a better ScrumMaster.

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In this Kanban training you will learn everything important about your start with Kanban: the practices, principles, meetings and the system. We show you how to visualize your processes on the Kanban board and what is meant by a value chain. You will get helpful tips and tricks to deal effectively with obstacles and to avoid multitasking. With the help of the participants' examples we will design Kanban systems and discuss further topics.

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