Advanced Certified Scrum Master

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This A-CSM training is for advanced Scrum Masters and a further step in your career as a Servant Leader. The training is aimed at Certified Scrum Master with at least one year of practical experience in working with self-organized teams.

The focus is on deepening your skills and the exchange between experienced Scrum Masters and the trainer. With the Advanced Certified Scrum Trainer (A-CSM) you will gain new insights into your work with teams and organizations.

  • Learn advanced facilitation and mediation techniques
  • Deepen your coaching knowledge with the help of experienced Scrum trainers
  • Introduce and develop Scrum throughout your organization
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Advanced Certified ScrumMaster

Credential: Advanced Certified ScrumMaster
Advanced level
  • Duration: min. 14hrs. (online), 16hrs. (on site)
  • Certified by: Scrum Alliance
  • Prerequisite: CSM
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Upcoming Advanced Certified Scrum Master Training

4 events

24.09. - 26.09.2024

Mark Summers
Live Online
18 hours (3 days)
Credential: Advanced Certified ScrumMaster
Advanced Certified ScrumMaster (Scrum Alliance)
Early bird
2.149 €* 2.049 €*

22.10. - 23.10.2024

Mark Summers
16 hours (2 days)
Credential: Advanced Certified ScrumMaster
Advanced Certified ScrumMaster (Scrum Alliance)
Early bird
2.249 €* 2.149 €*

07.11. - 08.11.2024

John McFadyen
Live Online
16 hours (2 days)
Credential: Advanced Certified ScrumMaster
Advanced Certified ScrumMaster (Scrum Alliance)
Early bird
2.149 €* 2.049 €*

10.12. - 12.12.2024

Mark Summers
Live Online
18 hours (3 days)
Credential: Advanced Certified ScrumMaster
Advanced Certified ScrumMaster (Scrum Alliance)
Early bird
2.149 €* 2.049 €*
*plus VAT

Our Advanced Certified Scrum Master Training

with Scrum Alliance Certificate

Enter the next stage of your Scrum Master learning journey and pave the way for further expert training to become a professional Scrum Master.

With an Advanced Certified Scrum Master training from the Agile Academy, you contribute all your experience gained so far to the live training and deepen your expert knowledge in exchange with the trainer and other course participants.

After the training, you can further deepen your knowledge with an Agile Academy online course of your choice - wherever and whenever you want.

Agenda of the Advanced Certified Scrum Master Course

The typical agenda of an A-CSM training can vary depending on the trainer. However, at the Agile Academy, we strive to ensure that all of our trainers cover the following content and topics to meet the learning objectives of the Scrum Alliance:

1. Deepen Scrum Foundations

Dive deeper and enhance your understanding of agile values, Scrum roles, artifacts, and events. Learn to actively use this deeper knowledge to effectively apply Scrum in different organizational contexts.

Develop team dynamics and collaboration

Discover tools and techniques to strengthen your agile team's collaboration and self-organization. Improve communication and increase engagement to help it become a high-performing team.

3. Apply advanced agile practices and scaling

Expand your agile toolbox with methods such as Kanban, Lean, effective retrospectives, and scaling techniques. Learn how to successfully apply these practices to your team and organization and maximize the value of Scrum.

4. Improve your coaching skills

Become a top notch coach! Learn how to effectively support teams and individuals, resolve conflicts, remove obstacles and promote an agile mindset. The training provides you with ample opportunities to actively apply and strengthen your coaching skills through practical exercises and case studies.

5. Agile transformation process and organizational development

Learn how to implement agile practices at the organizational level and create an agile culture. Understand the challenges and opportunities of agile transformation and become an effective change agent in your organization.

Bring Your Own Ideas & Questions

We encourage participants to bring their questions to the training. Any question and real-world example from your side will make everything you and others learn more tangible. It will also result in more energy throughout the training which is connected to better learning.

FAQ About the ACSM

What is an Advanced Certified Scrum Master?

The Advanced Certified Scrum Master (A-CSM) is a Scrum Alliance certification level that requires advanced expertise in agile project management practices and the Scrum Master role. The certification builds on the basic Certified Scrum Master (CSM) and is designed for experienced Scrum Masters who want to deepen their knowledge and expand their skills.

The A-CSM is certified by Scrum Alliance, an internationally recognized organization specializing in the support and promotion of agile methodologies. It provides formal recognition for the knowledge and skills acquired and gives certified Advanced Certified Scrum Masters access to a global network of agile professionals and resources.

To earn the A-CSM, participants must already have a valid CSM certification. This ensures that they understand the basic concepts, principles and practices of the Scrum framework.

The A-CSM focuses on deepening the understanding of the role of the Scrum Master. Participants learn how to effectively apply the Scrum framework in different organizational contexts and how to support agile teams in complex projects. They expand their knowledge of agile practices and tools such as Kanban, Lean, retrospectives, and scaling techniques to increase the value and effectiveness of Scrum in their work environment.

A special focus is on the development of coaching skills. Scrum Masters should be able to support teams and individuals, resolve conflicts, remove obstacles and promote an agile mindset. Through the A-CSM certification, participants acquire advanced coaching skills to successfully accomplish these tasks.

In addition, participants gain deeper knowledge of team dynamics and learn how to improve team collaboration, communication, and self-organization. They will be empowered to identify dysfunctional patterns and find ways to increase team performance and engagement.

In conclusion, the Advanced Certified Scrum Master certification provides Scrum Masters with an opportunity to enhance their competencies in agile practices, coaching skills, and team dynamics. By earning this certification, they are better equipped to tackle complex challenges in agile product development and act as effective change agents in their organizations.

The A-CSM training has been made for experienced Scrum Masters who already hold the Certified Scrum Master certification by Scrum Alliance. An indispensable prerequisite for participation is therefore an active CSM license, which should not be older than two years.

The goal of the training is the coaching by the trainer based on the experiences of the participants. Here you get cross-industry insights into the development of self-determined teams and the possibilities as a Scrum Master.

The A-CSM is a professional and practical Scrum Master training for advanced Scrum Master and a highly interactive learning experience. As an Advanced Certified Scrum Master, you will learn the following in our trainings:

  • How to drive engagement, motivation and productivity in your agile team.
  • How to get the Product Owner, Project Manager and others on board.
  • Techniques to add momentum to Sprint Planning Sessions and Retrospectives.
  • How to handle difficult situations as a Scrum Master.
  • How you can increase the creative capabilities of a Scrum team.
  • Helpful strategies for change in the organization.

In most cases, the Agile Academy trainers offer two types of A-CSM training: There is the training scheduled for two or three days, as well as a modular solution that gives you coaching-on-the-job. The modules take place over a period of several weeks or even months, giving you the chance to apply what you have learned directly in your organization before rejoining your training group.

This allows you to get direct feedback from the training participants and you can analyze your experiences with the trainer and work out further steps in the group. In addition, you will receive important impulses for your work as an Advanced Scrum Master through the coaching of the Certified Scrum Trainer.

Certification for Teams & Companies

Advanced Certified Scrum Master as In-house Training

Booking an in-house Advanced Certified Scrum Master (A-CSM) training provides companies with 8 or more participants with customized training experiences tailored to their specific needs. This fosters team spirit, enables a consistent knowledge base, and saves costs and time compared to public training.

In addition, the training can address confidential internal information and allows participants to directly apply what they learn to current projects.

Overall, in-house training is an effective investment in the development of agile competencies within the company.

Request In-house Training

ACSM Certification with Volume Discount

You would like to train several people in your company, but do not reach the minimum number of participants for a customized in-house training? Then take advantage of our attractive volume discounts starting at 3 people and send your employees to our public trainings.

Participants can freely choose from the offered trainings and dates, so you remain flexible and still save costs. At the same time, you benefit from the exchange with participants from other organizations, which leads to a broader learning environment.

Solutions for teams & companies

Contact us with your special requirements and we are sure to offer you a custom, tailor-made solution for your training needs.

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What is Next Before and After the Advanced Certified Scrum Master?

With the A-CSM you are on the right track on your personal sustainable learning journey as a Scrum Master. Learn with some of the world's best trainers and become even more successful in your role as a Scrum Master.

Online Course included

The Certified Scrum Master training certified by Scrum Alliance is the beginner-level training for Scrum Masters. In order to receive the Advanced Certified Scrum Master certification, a valid CSM certificate must be proven in addition to at least one year of professional experience.

from 1.699 €
Certified Scrum Master
Online Course included

The Certified Scrum Professional - Scrum Master is the expert level in the Scrum Master track of the Scrum Alliance. As a prerequisite, you must have completed the CSM and A-CSM and have the corresponding professional experience.

from 2.899 €
Certified Scrum Professional - Scrum Master