Advanced Certified Scrum Master (A-CSM) Training

This A-CSM training is for advanced Scrum Masters and a further step in your career as a Servant Leader. The training is aimed at Certified Scrum Master with at least one year of practical experience in working with self-organized teams.

The focus is on deepening your skills and the exchange between experienced Scrum Masters and the trainer. With the Advanced Certified Scrum Trainer (A-CSM) you will gain new insights into your work with teams and organizations.

  • Learn advanced facilitation and mediation techniques
  • Deepen your coaching knowledge with the help of experienced Scrum trainers
  • Introduce and develop Scrum throughout your organization
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Advanced Certified ScrumMaster

Credential: Advanced Certified ScrumMaster
Advanced level
  • Duration: min. 14hrs. (online), 16hrs. (on site)
  • Certified by: Scrum Alliance
  • Prerequisite: CSM
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Step up to the next level as a Scrum Master.
First live, then online.

Build on your experience and deepen your expert knowledge both live and online, whenever you want.

The Agile Academy supports you on your way to becoming a process expert and helps you along the way.

The certification is just the beginning of your development to become a professional Scrum Master.

Frequently asked questions:

What do I need for the Advanced Certified Scrum Master (A-CSM) training?

The A-CSM training has been made for experienced Scrum Masters who already hold the Certified Scrum Master certification by Scrum Alliance. An indispensable prerequisite for participation is therefore an active CSM license, which should not be older than two years.

The goal of the training is the coaching by the trainer based on the experiences of the participants. Here you get cross-industry insights into the development of self-determined teams and the possibilities as a Scrum Master.

What are the advantages of the Advanced Training for Scrum Masters?

The A-CSM is a professional and practical Scrum Master training for advanced Scrum Master and a highly interactive learning experience. As an Advanced Certified Scrum Master, you will learn the following in our trainings:

  • How to drive engagement, motivation and productivity in your agile team.
  • How to get the Product Owner, Project Manager and others on board.
  • Techniques to add momentum to Sprint Planning Sessions and Retrospectives.
  • How to handle difficult situations as a Scrum Master.
  • How you can increase the creative capabilities of a Scrum team.
  • Helpful strategies for change in the organization.

Why is the duration of the A-CSM training different?

In most cases, the Agile Academy trainers offer two types of A-CSM training: There is the training scheduled for two or three days, as well as a modular solution that gives you coaching-on-the-job. The modules take place over a period of several weeks or even months, giving you the chance to apply what you have learned directly in your organization before rejoining your training group.

This allows you to get direct feedback from the training participants and you can analyze your experiences with the trainer and work out further steps in the group. In addition, you will receive important impulses for your work as an Advanced Scrum Master through the coaching of the Certified Scrum Trainer.

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