Scrum Foundations Training

Here the trainers of the Agile Academy show you the basics and the origins of Scrum. During the training you will learn why Scrum is the best known and most successful agile working method and how to use it to your advantage in your company.

  • Achieve more innovative and better product development
  • Learn when to apply and use Scrum profitably
  • Profit from agile values & principles

Credential: Scrum Foundations
Target Group:
Product Manager, Project Manager
min. 8hrs.
Certified by:
Certificate of Completion by Scrum Alliance
Beginner level

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What will I learn at the Scrum Foundations Training?

Scrum is by far the best known and most successful agile working method for more innovative and better product development. Paradoxically simple to explain but difficult to implement correctly.

Here you will learn not only the benefits of Scrum and agility, or how Scrum works, but also what is necessary for Scrum to reach its full potential. This includes the values and principles that form the basis of the so-called agile mindset.

After the training you will have mastered the Scrum Foundations, the basics for your agile journey and will be able to better assess where Scrum makes sense and where not. You will also understand that Scrum is not limited to IT projects, but can be applied to any kind of innovative product development. Finally, you will be familiar with the difference between classical and agile project management.

The Scrum Foundations are usually offered by the trainers of the Agile Academy as an 8-hour course over one or two days. The exact schedule of each Scrum Foundations training can be found on the next page.

Live vs. On-Demand

Is there a difference between the remote or on-site trainings and the online courses?

Yes, there is. While the remote and on-site trainings you find on this page include a certificate of participation from the Scrum Alliance, the world's largest agile certification company, the online courses include a certificate of participation from the course creator.

The Scrum Foundations online courses for self-learning offer you the knowledge when you can use it best for yourself and complement very well what you have learned in the remote or on-site trainings.


Is there a certification for the Scrum Foundations?

After completing the Scrum Foundations training you will receive a certificate of participation from the Scrum Alliance.

The Scrum Alliance is the world's largest agile certification provider and is also responsible for the more advanced certifications such as CSM and CSPO. This digital badge is registered and verified by BadgeCert and you can use it in LinkedIn, Facebook or other social networks. Moreover, the certificate will be directly verifiable through it.


Who can participate in Scrum Foundations?

This training is primarily aimed at Scrum newcomers and classically trained managers, such as project managers, product managers, but also product developers, who are interested in the agile way of working, or will soon be working in an agile context and want to know how they can best benefit from Scrum.

All those who want to deal with agile basics, initiate or accompany an agile transformation, will gain the necessary basics to successfully start a Scrum project in this training.


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