Daniel Westermayr

Daniel Westermayr

Colenet GmbH

I'm Daniel Westermayr - accredited Kanban Trainer at Colenet GmbH and Agile Coach with passion!

since 2020

active as a trainer


Daniel Westermayr is an accredited Kanban Trainer at Colenet GmbH and an agile coach with passion!

When the first agile project opened up a whole new world for him in 2015, Daniel could already refer back to over 20 years of experience in managing and coaching traditional software projects. But ever since he first came into contact with agile, it hit him. He slipped into different agile roles again and again and gained experience as a Product Owner, Scrum Master or Agile Coach.

Since 2018, he has also been active as a freelance consultant and coach at team and leadership level. He supports companies from a wide range of industries on their way to becoming an agile, learning organization. Whether automotive, finance or healthcare - Daniel focuses primarily on business metrics and facilitative organizational design to create sustainable value in companies.


Accredited Kanban Trainer Certification

Accredited Kanban Trainer

Advanced Certified ScrumMaster Certification

Advanced Certified ScrumMaster

Certified LeSS Practitioner Certification

Certified LeSS Practitioner

Certified Scrum Master Certification

Certified Scrum Master

Certified Scrum Product Owner Certification

Certified Scrum Product Owner

Certified Scrum Professional ScrumMaster Certification

Certified Scrum Professional ScrumMaster

Kanban Coaching Professional Certification

Kanban Coaching Professional

Kanban Management Professional  Certification

Kanban Management Professional

Team Kanban Practitionier Certification

Team Kanban Practitionier

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