Dieter Strasser

Dieter Strasser

Dieter Strasser is the owner and managing director of Viable Projects GmbH in Austria. He has been passionate about structures for people and organisations since 1992. He devotes his attention to this challenge and acts as a multi-accredited trainer, coach and facilitator as well as an author, reviewer, member of product developments or committees. He devotes his attention to achieving business agility in freely selectable modules (Kanban, Personal Kanban, OBM, The Responsbility Process,, AgilePM & AgileBA as well as several simulations). In many cases, he is a pioneer, translator and supports the accreditation bodies in the development of the material.

As a knight against dogmas, he is constantly working on rationality for the sustainable benefit of his clients. Excessive administration is anathema to him. His recommendations are lean, relaxed and suitable for everyday life.

Empathic listening is one of his basic attributes. Direct reliable implementation is his passion. Respect his credo.

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Trainings: Dieter Strasser

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