Kai H. Simons

Kai H. Simons

When I started working with Scrum 14 years ago, the scope of the gift I was to receive was completely unclear. As a highly sensitive person I feel more than most people. I experienced the psychological side of the working world as difficult, the working atmosphere often as unworthy of us and as a freelancer I often operated at and beyond my limit.

This only changed when I increased my impact on the working world, my visibility and my standing. In the role of a Scrum Master I recreated my professional skills and at the same time helped to create a life of freedom, meaning and self-determination. Since then I feel a deep gratitude for the possibilities that the Scrum framework offers us today.

My mission is to pass on what I have learned on this journey to future Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches. For me a Scrum Master is a transformational leader of the next generation. So the change is in your hands. In my seminars you will find access to the method, attitude and the necessary steps to accept and enjoy this leadership mandate.

I share my passion in the AgileGrowthPodcast, which enjoyed over 12,000 views, as well as in our #AgileGrowthCast, our weekly LinkedIn Live Interview with exciting agilists. With all my work I want to encourage you to rise above yourself and create with others the new working environment they deserve. 

Trainings from Kai H. Simons

Trainings: Kai H. Simons

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