Scrum in 2h (Info Event)

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The free Scrum in 2h event is designed to help you get familiar with the method, the goal and the general framework before considering if and how Scrum is a method for your or in your company.

Who should attend the info event on Scrum?

The Info Event is for anyone who is currently implementing Scrum or planning to do so. Whether decision makers on company level, team members who want a deepening or a refresher as well as absolute newcomers of agile topics will find here the suitable introduction. Within two hours, our trainer will teach you the Scrum framework as well as the areas of application and the pros and cons of agile methods.

All those who are thinking about introducing Scrum, or are not sure that everything is going "according to plan" so far, can get feedback here on whether Scrum is the right fit for their company.

Who is Scrum for in 2 hours?

This informational session teaches the values and principles as well as the roles and rituals within the Scrum framework. The goal is to explain agile working methods through a practical introduction and how it helps Scrum teams organize themselves and prioritize properly.

With Scrum in 2h you will get an ideal overview of the Scrum framework and the agile manifesto in general, as well as the roles like Scrum Master, Product Owner and Agile Leader in particular.

Whether you want to go deeper into the individual roles or the Scrum Framework itself afterwards, Scrum in 2h will provide you with a general insight into this agile method and an exchange with one of our certified Scrum trainers who can answer any question you have about Scrum or Agile.

How can I learn Scrum now?

On our E-Learning Platform you can find a growing portfolio of free and paid online courses. Currently you can complete the Scrum Foundations course in English for free. This course also provides you with a lot of basics about the Scrum framework and at the same time you can use it as a preparation for a live training in Scrum Foundations.

Sohrab Salimi

Sohrab is founder & CEO of Scrum Academy GmbH. He is a Certified Scrum Trainer® on the Agile Academy and initiator of the agile100 conference series as well as host of the Agile Insights conversations.

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