Psychological safety in teams

The seminar in psychological safety is aimed at team leaders and managers. In this modular-course you will learn about and apply the four steps of psychological safety.

  • highly interactive workshop with applicable learnings
  • Integration of psychological safety into the work environment
  • confrontation with personal leadership values and biases

Target Group:
C-Level, Manager, Teamleads
min. 8hrs.
Certified by:
Certificate of participation
Advanced level

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Psychological Safety

K2-Leadership Development
Karen Kemerling
Co-trainer 04.10. - 26.10.2022
Live Online Timezone: GMT-12:00
8,5 hours
Early bird
990 € 890 €
excluding VAT per person

What is psychological safety?

Psychological safety is a concept based on research by world-renowned experts Timothy Clark, Brené Brown, Amy Edmonson, Adam Grant, and David Rock. This research has found that psychological safety underlies the most successful teams. How to achieve this safety in teams and the role of the leader is part of these seminars.


How long are the seminars in psychological safety?

The length of the seminars is determined by the providers. Currently, most trainings consist of five modules, of which the first four last 90 minutes each and the last 120 minutes. The modules are based on the four phases of psychological safety and a final event


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