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How limits empower your agility by Diana Larsen

How Limits Empower Your Agility

Diana Larsen showed in her lecture how to create a more agile working and living environment by consciously setting limits. The lecture was filled with breaks and thought exercises,...

Agile100 Juli Speaker

Agile100 July 2020 Recap

The third Agile100, as well as the May (Recap) and June events, had again a very diversified speaker line-up. The presenters Zuzi Sochova and Sohrab Salimi (Trainer Scrum Academy)...

The Complexity of Agile Leadership

We are at the seventh talk from the first ever agile100 event from May 29th (recap). It was the turn from Melissa Boggs, Co-CEO and Chief ScrumMaster from ScrumAlliance. She talked...

Alexander Osterwalder

Building Invincible Companies

Alexander Osterwalder was the sixth speaker at the Agile100 in May 2020, and his presentation was about building invincible companies and the road to get there. The main focus was on...

Darrell Rigby

Doing Agile Right: Darrell Rigby

Darrell Rigby, Partner & Director of Bain & Company and Head of Global Innovation & Agile Practices, was the fifth speaker at Agile100 in May 2020 and showed the extensive...

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