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There are many ways to lead and every challenge requires a custom solution.

We believe unique people deserve unique training, not a one-size-fits-all program.

Expand your leadership skills with agile methods, learning from trainers with real-world experience.

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Agile Leader Bundle

Our all-inclusive bundle for Agile Leaders and those who aspire to be one.

  • Successfully master the tough demands of today's VUCA world in our Certifed Agile Leadership® training - live or remote.
  • Gain inspiration and a clear understanding of agile methods.
  • Deepen your knowledge in our Agile Leader Online Course with 24 hours of video material and exercises.
Become an Agile Leader with one of the most popular trainings on the German market. Sustainable, well-founded and professional.

Certified Agile Leadership®

  • 2-3 days of interactive training
  • Live on location or remote
  • Scrum Alliance certified

Agile Leader Online Course

  • 16 hours of video + assignments
  • 4 Modules + 1 Quiz
  • Beginner
Free 999 €
Get the Bundle – from 2.899 €
Kerstin Neumann With its practical and theoretical exercises the course taught me to navigate complex leadership topics in a structured approach. The trainer leads by example: practice makes perfect and the online course following the training is a great way to further improve.
Kerstin Neumann

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Agile Leader Online Courses

The Agile Leader Online Course is used on a laptop device.

Agile Leader

In this course you will learn how to become a great Agile Leader who helps teams and organizations succeed.

999 € plus VAT
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Agile Leader Fundamentals

Our short introduction for Agile Leaders. Learn the basics of agile leadership in this self-paced online course.

499 € plus VAT
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Need an intro or a refresher on agility?
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Agile Fundamentals

The beginner’s course for those who want to understand agile and get into the different frameworks.

Free 250 €
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Scrum Foundations

The course for those who want to learn about the popular Scrum framework and its related events, artifacts, and roles.

Free 250 €
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Agile Leader Live Trainings & Workshops

A group of people participate in an agile training

Certified Agile Leadership®

Online Course included

master the tough demands of today's VUCA world (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) as a true Agile Leader.

From 2.899 € Learn more

Certified Agile Leadership® 2

Deepen, apply and share your knowledge of Agile Leadership.

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Psychological Safety

The seminar in psychological safety is aimed at team leaders and managers. Learn about and apply the four steps of psychological safety.

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Custom solutions for teams & companies

Contact us with your special requirements and we are sure to offer you a custom, tailor-made solution for your training needs.

Inhouse training for teams (10+ people) Customized curriculum matching your business Combine multiple courses into one event Keynotes for your event Choose your preferred certification Large-scale online training for 10 or 10.000 people
Solutions for teams & companies
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Philip Rogowski

Customer Success Manager +49 151 610 59 938 Mo-Fri.: 9am - 5pm
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There is not one way to lead. But there's your way combined with expert coaching.

In a world where requirements to leadership change quickly, it's harder than ever to become a leader who balances the needs of the organisation, the teams and their individual people.

Even harder, when you try to combine effective communication with delegation, and hard decision-making with emotional intelligence.

There are many levels to leadership. Taking this seriously means to invest in yourself and your leadership skills on a daily basis.

Our leadership courses are not a one-time training but a series of events specifically designed to expand your leadership skillset on multiple levels.

Learn with trainers, who have years of practical experience and the coaching skills to take your individual challenges into account.

We help you get better and more confident in your role as a Agile Leader every day.

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How do I become an Agile Leader?

Becoming a better agile leader is all about understanding the principles of agile leadership, building strong relationships and trust with your team, being open to change and experimentation, and balancing the needs of the team with the broader organization.

This might sound like a lot – because it is. And to make it even more challenging: There is not one recipe to follow

Every step in your development as a leader requires a custom solution and a combination of knowledge, skills, and experience, and a commitment to ongoing development.

Start today with our premium courses.

We have the right offer for every situation.

You have special requirements and have not yet found a suitable training?
Contact us and we are sure to find a solution.

Photo of Philip Rogowski - Customer Success Manager at Agile Academy

Philip Rogowski

Customer Success Manager +49 151 610 59 938 Mo-Fri.: 9am - 5pm