Psychological Safety - The Foundation of High-Performing Teams

In this recording from February 9, you'll find the Agile Insights conversation between Karen Kemerling from K2-Leadership Development and Sohrab Salimi. Sohrab is a Certified Scrum Trainer and CEO of Scrum Academy GmbH.

Psychological safety in high-performing teams

Karen and Sohrab talked about psychological safety in these Agile Insights. Topics included the definition of psychological safety, its importance to organizations, the steps needed to achieve psychological safety in teams, and the results that can be achieved. In a little over an hour, you'll get an insight into the four stages of psychological safety. She already tackled this topic for her doctoral thesis and has been researching this area extensively ever since. In the interview, we'll clarify what characteristics distinguish high-performing teams, why psychological safety is always an important topic, and how to develop teams.

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