What is the Agile Academy?

The Agile Academy is an agile learning platform that allows you to book trainings at different partner organizations and trainers. All trainings are certified by an official body and are usually internationally recognized. All trainers and partner organizations are curated experts in their field and internationally known.

Agile Academy trainings take place both on-site and remotely and are offered worldwide by our partner organizations. You can find the Agile Academy's offerings in both German and English. Occasionally, the trainers also offer training in other languages such as Spanish, Dutch or Farsi. The respective course language is listed when booking.

Which trainings are offered at the Agile Academy?

The trainers and partner organizations of the Agile Academy offer live agile trainings, seminars and trainings from the largest international certification companies. For example, the Scrum Master, Product Owner and Agile Leader trainings are certified by the Scrum Alliance and the Kanban trainings are certified by Kanban University. But we also offer certificates from smaller organizations. These are among others Scrum@Scale, LeSS and OBM Dynamics B.V.

Who is behind the Agile Academy?

The platform is operated by Scrum Academy GmbH from Cologne. The platform allows users to choose between different providers and also a worldwide booking of the agile trainings of these selected experts.
Co-founder and CEO of Scrum Academy GmbH is the trained Certified Scrum Trainer® and Approved Certified Agile Leadership® Educator Sohrab Salimi. Until the end of 2020, Sohrab was a member of the Scrum Alliance Board of Directors and he is an accredited Strategyzer Coach.

Noch Fragen?

Photo of Philip Rogowski - Customer Success Manager at Agile Academy

Philip Rogowski

Customer Success Manager

team@agile-academy.com +49 151 418 78 553 Mo-Fri.: 9am - 5pm

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Photo of Helen Schrader

Helen Schrader

Scrum Academy GmbH

Helen is a certified CSPO and CAL. She works as Product Owner on the Agile Insights and is also responsible for the performance marketing at Scrum Academy.