Certified Scrum Developer (CSD) Training

With the Certified Scrum Developer training you will improve your technical skills for agile product development. As a Certified Scrum Developer (CSD), you will build your skills as a developer based on agile principles. In the training, you will learn agile practices in a small group, specifically designed for development team members.

  • Strengthen your knowledge of continuous development
  • Learn what you need for iterative and incremental product development
  • Stand out from the crowd of developers and familiarize yourself with agile techniques and tools

Credential: Certified Scrum Developer
Target Group:
Software Developer, Developer in a Scrum Team
min. 14hrs. (online), 16hrs. (on site)
Development (Front-/Backend)
Certified by:
Scrum Alliance
Beginner level

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Why are there two trainer at some trainings?

The Agile Academy is a curated platform for agile training. Every training is led by certified Scrum trainers, some with years of experience. In some places, two Certified Scrum Trainers may offer a course together to also learn from each other or to accompany another Scrum Trainer on the way to training.

If you see in the overview that two trainers are indicated, you can see what distinguishes the trainers by clicking on the respective training. Depending on the course, the experience and knowledge of the trainers complement each other, for example in the discussed industries, tasks and fields of activity of the developers.


Do I have to be a developer to attend the training?

Yes. The Certified Scrum Developer training shows you and your training partners how to apply your skills in an agile work environment. Therefore, a practical part, where small groups work together on something, is part of the training as well as the methodology part.

You should have at least one year of practical development experience to be able to actively follow the training.


What are the advantages of being a Certified Scrum Developer?

The advantages of a CSD certification are obvious. As a Certified Scrum Developer, you have proven skills in agile software development and know how to apply them in practice. In addition, you can better leverage your position within the Scrum team to contribute a critical part in the "how to" creation of the product. You will also learn how to improve the collaboration with Scrum Master and Product Owner.

Overall, you'll get an education that perfectly complements your existing development skills and gives you an edge in the job market.

Plus, with your badge, you'll still receive a variety of Scrum Alliance benefits and be able to contribute to the agile community as a Scrum expert.


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