Agile hardware development simply explained

This info event shows you that Scrum and Agile can also be used outside of software development, using agile hardware development as an example. Our trainers will give you insights into agile development in the automotive industry (as already used by MAN and Tesla, for example) and show that agile hardware can be successfully implemented.


  • Learn how to apply Scrum & agile practices outside of software development
  • Learn about successful agile hardware projects and products
  • Find other application areas for agile methods: production, manufacturing, and more

Target Group:
Agile Insights,
max. 2 hours
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Beginner level

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What will I learn in the info event on agile hardware development?

Within two hours you will get an insight into agile hardware development. Using modern collaboration tools and via Zoom, our trainer will introduce you to how agile hardware development works and is successfully used in different industries.

Target audience

Who is Agile4Hardware interesting for?

Anyone who is interested in agile development and wants to see how Agile, Scrum and Lean are being used successfully outside of the software world. Whether it's manufacturing, production, or development. Here you'll learn how to get feedback faster, use shorter development cycles to your advantage, and ideally get to market sooner.

Regardless of your prior agile experience, you can take this course to learn more about Agile hardware development.


Who is leading the info event on agile hardware development?

Learn from our experienced trainers Dr. Jörk Hebenstreit and Sohrab Salimi, MD. Through their experience in medical, automotive, and metrology, among others, they have been able to gather extensive insight into agile hardware development in various companies and industries around the world. Here you will benefit from a brief, but guaranteed not superficial, introduction to Agile 4 Hardware by two industry experts.


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