Info-Event: Agile Leadership

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The information session on Agile Leadership will provide insights into today's demands on modern leaders and show you what content our Certified Agile Leadership seminar will cover in a more focused and in-depth way. At the info-events, we will focus on an agile leader's ability to promote agility in their own behaviors and throughout the organization.

What will I learn in the Info Event for Agile Leaders?

You'll learn how Agile Leadership builds the foundation for Agile awareness and reflection to create engaged, empowered, and high-performing Agile organizations


Within 2 hours, we will teach you the essential principles of leading teams and organizations to become more agile and live the agile values and principles. We won't just present you with a blueprint, but dive deep into the hard, but necessary, issues that leaders need to do to enable organizational agility.

Can I ask questions?

Yes. Every Info Event is live unless it is explicitly designated as a recording. This allows you to ask questions as well as interact with the instructor. Questions that come up you can ask the trainer directly or afterwards to get the most out of the event for you.

Will the event be recorded?

Yes. Most events are recorded and sent out to participants afterwards. If you want to know how such an informational event for agile leaders goes, you can also watch a recording here


Picture of: Sohrab Salimi
Sohrab Salimi

Sohrab is founder & CEO of Scrum Academy GmbH. He is Certified Scrum Trainer® on Agile Academy and initiator of the agile100 conference series as well as host of the Agile Insights conversations.

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