Psychological Safety and Mental Health in Times of Crisis

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Gitte Klitgaard had the honour to open the third Agile100 in July 2020. Her lecture dealt with “Psychological Security and Mental Health in Crises” and, like Joseph Pelrine’s lecture in June, provided helpful tips and support to help maintain one’s own psychological security.

Gitte explained what is important to avoid social contacts and how to get out of depths and make life more comfortable. She spoke from the heart of many listeners as she told them what loneliness can do and at the same time made them laugh with her own tips.

That psychological security and mental health belong together became clear and also a reorientation was initiated by her. After all, you should take care of your psychological balance before you get the first signs of imbalance or you realize that you are no longer well. Even the small steps can have a big effect here. A recap of the july event can be found here.

“Psychological Safety and Mental Health in Times of Crisis” (Gitte Klitgaard)

Psychologische Sicherheit und mentale Gesundheit bei Krisen

More about Gitte Klitgaard

Gitte has been an agile coach at leading companies like Spotify, LEGO and IBM for more than a decade and have been independent since 2013. Her main focus the last years have been communication and implementing psychological safety as well as responsibility and accountability. It is essential for Gitte to be authentic, to cut to the chase, and help people become themselves, so they can succeed at work and outside.

“If we all do something that matters a little to us and a lot to someone else, we can make the
world a better place bit by bit!”
Gitte Klitgaard

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