Certified Agile Leadership®

As a manager, do you want employees who dare to make profitable decisions on their own? Do you want colleagues who are so close to the consumer that each of your creations becomes an absolute customer favorite? Do you want to wow the market with innovation faster than the competition and sustainably increase your company's profits?

The key to success lies with you, in your role as a leader! Say goodbye to traditional leadership thinking and dusty management methods, because: 

In this Certified Agile Leadership Training, we will show you how to successfully master the tough demands of today's VUCA world (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) as a true Agile Leader. For this purpose, the Certified Agile Leadership Training is divided into up to three blocks: Essentials, Teams and Organizations.

Which blocks the trainers cover is up to them and will be shown to you on the training pages. In any case, the Certfiied Agile Leadership Training is your first step of an exciting journey: here you learn to increase the success and satisfaction of your employees and yourself in the long term and sustainably.

Even if you want to develop yourself from an employee to a leader, this leadership training will equip you with the tools and techniques for your next important career step.

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The Certified Agile Leadership® training

What is the content of the Certified Agile Leadership Training?

The Certified Agile Leadership Training (CAL) has been developed according to the learning principles of the Scrum Alliance and helps you develop the core competencies and skills you need in an agile culture. Our trainers will show you how you as a leader can effectively help your organization thrive in a fast-paced, uncertain, yet complex environment.

As a leader, the agility of the company is significantly influenced by you. The better you can react to changing conditions, the better it benefits the company.

The Certified Agile Leadership Training consists of up to three modules (Essentials, Teams and Organizations). Agile Academy trainers are free to decide which of these modules they cover in the training, so it's worth taking a look at each provider's training. The CAL modules are:

  • Certified Agile Leadership Essentials (CAL-E):
    The Essentials cover the basics of agile leadership. Here you will learn the way you need to behave, think and focus as an Agile Leader so that you can lead your team or company in an Agile way. The Certified Agile Leadership Essentials are part of every Certified Agile Leadership training and show you how to initiate or drive Agile transformation.
  • Certified Agile Leadership Teams (CAL-T):
    CAL Teams is one of two elective modules that can be taught individually or in combination by the instructor. The Teams module is all about leading agile teams and the impact on the leadership culture in the organization. Here you will learn how to create a safe-to-fail environment and an open, transparent culture. In addition, the trainer shows you how to create continuous learning and awareness of the changing world of work. This sets the stage for leading agile teams within an organization.
  • Certified Agile Leadership Organizations (CAL-O):
    The Certified Agile Leadership Organizations module is the pinnacle discipline of agile leadership. Here you will learn how to initiate change and shift the organizational culture and mindset of your employees towards an agile mindset. After this module, you will know how to work towards sustainable agility and agile organizational culture and gain the necessary knowledge, skills and techniques to create this organizational agility.

Through case studies, models and the work of the trainer, you will learn how agility works on a team and organizational level.

Who should attend this leadership training?

The Certified Agile Leadership is suitable for anyone who wants to know how leadership works in an agile company. People in leadership roles or on the way to it learn in the modules how they can manage to significantly advance the Agile transformation of a company.

What CAL combinations are available?

There are three combination options in the Certified Agile Leadership Training. The Certified Agile Leadership - Essentials (CAL-E) module must always be included and at least two modules must be offered by the trainer for the training to be certified. Thus there are:

  • CAL-Essentials & CAL-Teams:
    This combination will help you especially if you want to create a company culture that is characterized by openness, transparency and creativity.
  • CAL-Essentials & CAL-Organizations:
    Here the focus is on Agile practices and enterprise-wide Agile transformation.
  • CAL-Essentials, CAL-Teams & CAL-Organizations:
    First, you'll learn the fundamentals of Agile leadership here and how to develop them into a "safe-to-fail" mindset and an Agile enterprise.

Since the Agile Academy is a platform for agile training and certification, on which various independent providers are represented, you can see which modules the trainer will cover on the respective provider's detail page.

These trainers offer this course:

Sabine Canditt

Certified Scrum Trainer®

Sohrab Salimi

Certified Scrum Trainer®

Evelyn Tian

Certified Scrum Trainer®

Zuzi Sochova

Certified Scrum Trainer®

Karim Harbott

Certified Scrum Trainer®

Does the Certified Leadership Training conclude with a certificate?

Depending on the training provider, you may receive up to three certifications for completing the Certified Agile Leadership Training! Each module has a separate badge with the Scrum Alliance. After successful participation in our Certified Agile Leadership Training, you will receive your certificate as a Certified Agile Leader from the Scrum Alliance® with up to three badges of your training: CAL-Essentials, CAL-Teams and/or CAL-Organizations!

Additionally, you will receive a two-year membership in the Scrum Alliance®.

The certification, the certificate and the membership are already included in your participation fee for the seminar.
If you already have the previous CAL-1 certificate, you do not need to renew it, as it is still valid. Since the content of the trainings has changed slightly, a new training participation would be required for the CAL-ETO certifications. The regular training fees would apply.

Take your chance for further development in the Certified Agile Leadership Training!

In the Certified Agile Leadership Training at Agile Academy, you will experience much more than just an "aha" effect: 

In the training to become an agile leader, we show you in an exciting mix of practical tasks, success stories (case studies), fascinating background knowledge including tools and techniques, lively exchange with participants from different industries and a lot of interaction and fun, how you learn to gradually master the following challenges for you and your company:

  • You foster creativity, enthusiasm and commitment among colleagues.
  • You empower your employees to make profitable decisions.
  • You accelerate innovation and eliminate bureaucracy.
  • You achieve faster delivery of new products without pressure.
  • You reduce the risk for your company to be overtaken by new competitors.
  • You learn to hand over responsibility and finally have time for the other important tasks of a manager.

Book your place now in our next ScrumAlliance Certified Agile Leadership Training and invest in a long-term rewarding and successful way of working.

Need more info about the Agile Leadership Training?

If you prefer to approach the topic in smaller steps, our free info session Agile Leadership in 2 hours is just what you need.

The topic of Agile Leadership feels good to you, agility and quick decisions are in your blood and the course is exactly what you still need to succeed? 

What else you should know...

We offer the Leadership Trainings through various Trainers all over the world. The Agile Academy provides you with a broad spectrum of certified Trainers with different backgrounds and expertise. 

All english speaking Trainings are offered by Certified Scrum Trainers and are certified by the Scrum Alliance, the world's greatest certifiecation agency.

The Agile Aademy offers Trainings in the US, Canada, India, Czech Republik, Sweden and many more countries. If you are interested in a specific training close to your location, feel free to write us and ask for a special offering.

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