Agile Hardware in 2h

This info event shows you that Scrum and Agile can also be used outside of software development, using agile hardware development as an example. Our trainers will give you insights into agile development in the automotive industry (as already used by MAN and Tesla, for example) and show that agile hardware can be successfully implemented.

Other areas are also addressed where agile hardware development and manufacturing is successfully implemented and used. Within two hours, you will learn how you can set up your company or your department in an agile way, even far away from software development.

Upcoming Agile Hardware in 2h trainings:

Trainings: Agile Hardware in 2h

Unfortunately, there are currently no dates available.

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The Agile Hardware in 2h training

Within two hours you will get a remote insight into agile hardware development. Using modern collaboration tools like Zoom, our trainer will introduce you to how agile hardware development works and is successfully used in various industries.