How Agile Training Can Boost Your Job Hunt

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During a recent remote retrospective at Scrum Academy, we pondered how we could contribute to a more humane, productive, and sustainable work environment. As an agile consulting firm and the driving force behind Agile Academy, we strive to ensure that our trainees can apply their newfound knowledge in their workplaces, thereby promoting Agile Transformation.

But what about those who are job hunting or using our training for career advancement? Are we aiding these individuals with our current offerings? How can we, as a training provider, help bridge the often-discussed skills gap? What do companies and HR professionals look for when hiring new employees, and which skills are crucial now and in the future?

We realized we couldn't answer these questions alone. So, we sought expert advice and found it at Engfer Consulting, a Cologne-based personnel consultancy. We had an enlightening interview with Katharina and Thilo Engfer, the co-owners of the firm.

The Role of Agility in Recruitment

Engfer Consulting shared that the demand for agile skills hasn't changed significantly since March. Companies that value agility continue to seek suitably qualified talent. Those that only recognized the benefits of agile and modern work due to COVID-19 are now busy creating the necessary structures. They expect an increased demand from March 2021.

The Importance of Certifications

When companies seek to fill agile roles, they often value certain certifications and further education. It can be challenging for a candidate to impress with years of practical experience alone, as many companies lack the knowledge to evaluate this experience.

Career Start and Professional Development

Engfer Consulting believes that it's not difficult to land a job, whether you're a beginner or have practical experience. The job market remains active, even during the pandemic. They also highlighted the importance of continuous professional development, which should be an integral part of corporate culture.

Online Courses and Further Training

We discussed the potential benefits of offering online courses. Engfer Consulting believes that many companies will switch to online training, and it's crucial that the topics align with the professional orientation of the talent.

The Value of Values

Engfer Consulting stressed the importance of companies having and living by values that the entire workforce can identify with and benefit from. They believe that values are crucial in today's working world.

Agile Leadership and the Future

The interview concluded with a discussion about the future of agile leadership and the need for companies to adapt to stay competitive. Engfer Consulting noted that many companies are already doing well and investing in employer branding. They advised those looking to change careers to consider whether they can identify with a company's values and philosophy.

In conclusion, agile training can be a valuable asset in your job search, providing you with the skills and knowledge that many companies are actively seeking. Whether you're a recent graduate or an experienced professional, investing in your professional development through agile training can help you stand out in the competitive job market.

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