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The top priority when putting together the speakers is that we want to achieve maximum diversity among the speakers. They come from a wide variety of countries, belong to a wide variety of religions and cultures, have different levels of experience, and are also as evenly distributed as possible by gender.

Our two hosts, Zuzi and Sohrab, always make sure with the agile100 line-ups that there will be no conference without diversity. In the meantime, we have had speakers from a wide variety of countries, almost all continents and various time zones. And even if the men currently still have a small lead in absolute numbers, there is one top spot that the ladies have now clearly secured for themselves: The number of indexed YouTube videos, which (at least temporarily) were only accessible to logged-in viewers over the age of 18. Here it is currently clear 4:0 for the ladies 😉

In November three female speakers could attract attention and convince the audience with topics around Scrum, Kanban and teamwork. This is also the reason why we want to talk about our three speakers who entertained us at agile100 and shared their knowledge.

Justyna Pindel: Kanban Compass: In the Direction of Team-Driven Change

Justyna Pindel: Kanban Compass

Anja Stiedl: Get out of the Brooding Trap

Anja Stiedl: Get out of the Brooding Trap

Stanislava Potupchik: Let The Value Stream!

Stanislava Potupchik: Let The Value Stream!

See you on February 12th

The next agile100 will take place on February 12, 2021. As always, tickets are available for free at agile100! This time you can already look forward to our first confirmed speaker. With Robert L. Martin, the author of “When More is Not Better” will speak at the upcoming agile100 starting at about 18:30h.

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